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Let's see your iPad stands!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ScubaCinci, Apr 29, 2010.

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    There are a few threads about specific stands but I thought it would be nice to have a consolidated thread. I like the look of the BookArc stand but I'm not sure I want to pay $40 for it.
    A dedicated stand will be nice for using the iPad as a photo frame rather than a case/stand. Whatcha got?
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    ...or not.
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    I need my iPad first...right now I have my Apple Case box sitting in my stand pretending I actually have my 3G here. :(
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    Here is my home made stand.
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    Does my case/stand hybrid count? :p I got it for 25 bucks online :)

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    I did the same thing, but I have a local store. $3. I am not cheap, but I can't spend $50+ for a stinking stand. I'd rather buy apps with that money.
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    I went to two stores near by, both recently closed! Apparently Minnesota is not buying enough fabrics. :p
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    went to get the .69 cent business card holder from Office Depot but they didn't have them at my store. I found this thing for 5 bucks though and it's way cooler looking and probably more stable than the cheaper one.


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    like Fanatik7, I was also inspired by THE JOULE, but didn't want to fork out such a large sum for a simple stand.

    and made these for some scrap materials :)

    these are very easy to make, no need to make the back curve, just used two rubber bumps on either side to correct for the curve.




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    Great Job! The table and stand goes so well together. kind of arty. :cool:
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    Awesome job guys

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