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Lets talk REASON-(all things Reason)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by mikes70mustang, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I don't see it discussed much, if at all, in this area. So I thought I would make a thread about reason stuff. I'll start by saying that I have been using reason for about a year and its awesome. I honestly don't think you can max out the possibilities of this program. I use it mainly for making drum loops. I usually pan my instruments,redrum, dr.rex, etc. to the left and pan a rim tap to the right. That way I use a L/R split and can send a click to the aviom and still have sound for the house. I still have not gotten a MIDI keyboard for reason use, but plan on doing so soon.

    So anyway- i would like to open it up for discussion. Set-up, use, tips, tricks, good downloads, Reason 5.0 talk....etc.
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    Chairman Plow

    I've been using it pretty extensively myself. So much that my trusty MPC is collecting dust. There are many that would have you believe that Reason is not for making sample-based Hip Hop beats. I beg to differ. Recycle, Redrum, the NN-XT and a good controller will be your best friends. Coming from the MPC line, I prefer the MPD32.

    (For the record, I do NOT limit myself to just sampling.)
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    Just look at the orkester demo. If you can make that in reason then you can make just about anything. If you have all the refills you could bascially create a band out of thin air and make it sound real.
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    ive been using reason for about a year now coming from fl studio and i love it.. the combination with recycle is perfect when it comes to samples and switching up/chopping, along with the nn-xt.... it can easilt replace 2 to 3 thousand dollars worth of studio equipment because an NN-XT can be set up to work like an ASR 10 and you can also use nn-xt for different sound and sample libraries... its amazing, id have ot say my 3 favorite pieces in reason are thor/nn-xt/dr rex

    what are your favorites?
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    Chairman Plow

    I'd have to go with Subtractor, Redrum, Thor and the NN-XT.

    You can create SICK bass patches in Subtractor.

    I have a large library of drum samples that I have saved from various pieces of gear that I've used over the years. From my first (ASR-10) to my most recent (Roland MV-8800) and my favorite (MPC 2500). All chopped, EQ'ed and compressed the way I want them. I saved them in wav format and load them in Redrum, and stack them (and modules) as I see fit.

    Thor: nuff said.

    NN-XT: You said the same thing I told one of my friends... when I tried it with a keyboard controller it felt just like my old ASR.
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    I stopped paying attention after 3.0, but with Renoise finally supporting Rewire as well, Reason might come handy again.

    Here's something I put together in Reason. Strange IDM/Chill Out electronica :D


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