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Letter to Brazilian Apple Repair Centers Suggests June 2013 Policy Changes?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 23, 2013.

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    AppleInsider has obtained a letter supposedly sent to Brazilian Apple Authorized Service Providers suggesting that new policies regarding iPhone and iPad repairs will begin soon.

    Though the letter is taken out of context and has been roughly translated via Google Translate, it suggests that AASP's in Brazil will soon begin repairing broken iPad glass panels and performing more in-depth repairs on iPhones with details of that plan being sent in June 2013.

    A previous report suggested that Apple would be making changes to its global AppleCare system, including Apple Stores replacing more iPhone parts rather than replacing broken units with an entirely different device.

    Article Link: Letter to Brazilian Apple Repair Centers Suggests June 2013 Policy Changes?
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    Not excited about replacing iPad glass, but I'm sure my boss will be thrilled. Fun times with glass in my fingers await!
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    Sounds like they will be extending the iPhone repairs already happening in the US and China and perhaps piloting a test on repairing at least some iPad displays
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    My Applecare covers 2 replacements for damage. I will accept nothing less.
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    Your AppleCare Plus covers two service events due to accidental damage from handling, during both of which Apple is required to "...(i) repair the defect using new or refurbished parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability, or (ii) exchange the Covered iPhone with a replacement product that is new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability, and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product."

    I read through the T&C when the rumor of new AppleCare came out and was interested to find that clause.
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    I have doubts on this letter. For starters, considering this is supposedly a professional letter, the inconsistent use of diacritics makes me wonder if they writer knows what they are typing. (For starters, the word for "is" is written in this letter as "e´", which is very weird, given "é" (the correct way) is written elsewhere correctly in names and other words). Second, though this may be more semantics (esp. in Brazil), the man's name should have a tilde over the a, i.e. João.)

    More importantly, though, for a professional exec letter in Portguese, sent to Brazilian AASPs, it's very suspect that AASPs are referred to by their English abbreviation. In Brazil and Portugal, they are called Centros de Serviço Autorizado Apple (CSAAs). I suspect whoever wrote this was trying too hard to fool people.
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    Well, this was first posted on a Brazillian site (http://macmagazine.com.br/2013/05/2...ica-de-troca-de-igadgets-inclusive-no-brasil/) and now they blured the photo by Apple's request (at least is what they are saying)

    It's hard to say, I did a little digging and looked for his LinkedIn and his name there has no tilde, and more interesting is that his actual job is listed at LG…

    About the English abbreviation, I'm not sure if you are brazillian and if you work at a CSAAs (I don't) but in Brazil is very commom to use english words and acronyms
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    Regardless whether this is real or not I wonder if its a better idea to buy AppleCare for a rMBP now (we already have AppleCare+ for our iPhones) or wait for the new policy to go into effect.

    What do you guys think?
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    I wonder if Apple's emphasis on repairing existing devices rather than replacing them for new/refurbs, will mean there will be a greater range of out of warranty repair costs for customers?

    For example the out of warranty cost in the UK for an iPhone 5 (regardless of what the reason for the iPhone being out of warranty) with the VAT is around £200, but surely Apple couldn't justify that amount if they are just replacing the screen/not the whole device. They might for example charge £100 for a screen replacement, whereas in the case of a water damaged iPhone (where the whole thing I assume would still need to be replaced), they would charge closer to £200.

    In my experience Apple reps have always stated they replace rather than repair as they want to reduce the amount of time (or hassle) when the customer is without their working Apple product, and this together with the fact that you usually get a new/refurb device, in my exp has always been well received by customers (like me). So it really does depend if they can keep their repair times and the quality of their repairs up to scratch whether this will be successful IMO.

    I think I read in the previous Macrumors report that they hope to save $1bn as a result of a future emphasis of repairing rather than replacing devices which is obviously a lot of money, but they are potentially staking a very significant part of their own customer satisfaction records/reputation - which in the past they have traded off.
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    Thus is really about iphones. I dont expect them to do a rmbp replacement.

    The phones have always been swapped. Its was a selling point on the AC+

    I expect/hope for a class action on this. In practice they have replaced and sold the AC+ with this impression.
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    Could this mean they're moving away from the glue and adhesive tape ?
    I couldn't imagine AASP's using a hot air gun to pry the displays off.
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    No, this will affect all Apple products that you can currently buy AppleCare for. So this will affect rMBP or an iMac. I don't think you can argue that having AppleCare on a device made it more appealing to prospective buyers besides the benefits of the extra mile Apple would go for you if you had AppleCare on your device.
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    You miss the point.

    Swapping is about the iPhone/ipad not an rMBP. Why in the world would Apple swap an rMBP?

    Has anyone here just walked into an Apple store and had their rMBP swapped short of a totally unrepairable device?
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    I understand that but there will be a difference in the overall policy. I have personally seen people walk in with three year old computers and walk out with brand new models. So yes I have seen MBP and iMac replaced rather than be fixed.

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