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LHC: Collisions!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by miles01110, Mar 30, 2010.

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    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/31/science/31collider.html?hp (among others)

    ...and yet we're all still here and not at the center of a black hole. Great job maintaining your grip on reality, science!
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    Well.....if the entire solar system was sucked into a black hole, would we know about it? :p
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    It's going to take them some time to compile all the data but I can't wait to hear more about it.
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    I'm sure Brian Cox can't wait to travel the world and tell us...
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    :D Aww, I love him! He explains vastly complicated topics in the most eloquent, bite-sized and understandable way. I like that he tries to make science less intimidating.
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    He's good when he talks about more complicated things. The BBC programme looks very pretty but is massively dumbed down.

    I can't imagine how much data there must be to look through now.
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    Definitely but I think that's the point. To make it all less daunting and scary for the average person out there but still keep it interesting enough. It's like a gateway drug to proper astrophysics!

    (for anyone not sure what we're on about, here's a link but if you're outside the UK, the video won't work)
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    Incredible. I wonder how many other civilizations across the universe have done this before.
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    Yeah, just not so sure about him having to travel around the world to do it...
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    Personally, I'm more partial to Neil deGrasse Tyson...
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    Call me when you've found a Higgs boson... :eek: :D
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    That should be easy to figure out. Just count the number of black holes that are approximately Earth-sized. :)
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    ha!!! But you mean, would have been earth sized :p since the event horizon of the hole would be approx. 9mm...try finding that in space. Reassuring, isn't it..
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    Don't panic

    close enough...

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    Well of course I meant mass when I said size. And you're right, there's a bit of a needle-in-haystack problem. But that's for the physicists to solve, I'm just here to provide the ideas.
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    This is so interesting. Hopefully we find a lot more about anti-matter/higgs boson.

    And roll on 14TeV in 2012/2013!!!!!!
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    More findings...

    High energy collisions reveal a paleoparticle

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    Nice. :D Happy April Fools' Day! :)
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    We're a while away yet from getting this thing up to speed. Just you wait :rolleyes: LOL
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    Awwww, you never know, could be true! :D
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    It is nice to see that this is up and running finally.
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    For god's sake don't do 14 Tev in 2012, talk about tempting fate!:D

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