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Lightning cable defects-3 of 5 defective

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by blackjackmark, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I ordered an extra Lightning cable when I ordered my phone. The one with the phone works, the one that came separate did not. So I call Apple for a replacement, which I received today, along with three others that I ordered separately. Of the four new cables, only one works.

    They work if I press hard into the charge Jack. But as soon as I let up, the charge symbol goes away.

    Now I'm starting to wonder if it's my phone?

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    I bought 3 cables and all work ... :confused:
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    I have 3 and they all work fine. Be sure that you don't have a case blocking the opening. I have a cheap case that needed some "adjustment". :cool:
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    yea i dont think so my friend
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    I have a total of 5 cables and not one single issue.
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    The one that came with my iPhone 5 stopped working after a week.

    Went to Apple Store and had it replaced on the spot.
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    I bought 1 backup chord for the USB plug in my car. Haven't tried it yet. Now you have me paranoid. THANKS! :D
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    The one that came with my phone was intermittent but got replaced today no questions asked. He didnt even test it before getting me a replacement. The one i bought new was fine out of the box
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    Just a thought, perhaps the jack is the issue? Have you tried the cables on other phones?
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    OMG do I feel stupid. I have a bumper on it that I thought was totally clear where the charger inserts. But there was a very thin piece of plastic that would not let the charger fully seat.

    It's a shame that AppleCare's first directive wasn't "please remove the bumper and see if that helps"!
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    This made me lol :p Thank you for the update...good news.
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    AppleCare should also tell you to be careful crossing the street. ;)
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    The replacement cable that I got a few days ago died on me again! WTF? :mad:
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    Give the person a break...

    Must be nice to have never made any silly mistakes in life. Tell me more about how great you are at everything! :p
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    Odd. I have 5 total and all work perfectly.
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    I have 3... 2 of them are still in the box.. this thread made me want to check them lol
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    My wife said that the cable that came with her iPhone 5 only charges if she plugs it on way, if it's upside down it can sync fine with iTunes but doesn't charge. I have yet to try/verify this myself but she said now every time she wants it to charge she has to make sure it goes in proper side up or it won't charge. We got an extra one and that one seems to be fine but only using on the wall outlet, not with the computer.
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    way to read the thread. nothing odd about it.
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    ditto :)
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    Ive got 5, they all work.
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    I have an issue with the cable that came with my phone. I'll plug it into my computer and it will show in iTunes and start charging. After some time the phone will disapear from iTunes and stop charging. I'll unplug and plug in the cable and it shows back up and starts charging. It's not a set amount of time and usually happens when I have it plugged in overnight.

    I got tired of waking up and not having my battery charge and I havent' had time to go to the Apple store to have it replaced. I have my phone syncing through wi-fi and plugged into the wall. That seems to be working without any issues.
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    There were two people in the thread who were having problems. I know the OP turned out to just have a case interference problem, but there's another poster who has had multiple failures.
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    I bought one separate cable and it is defect.
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    First rule of good tech support is K.I.S.S.
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    It's a shame that common sense didn't kick in before heading to Apple.

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