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iPad mini Lightning to SD card question

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by kyomagi, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I use a app on my mini to watch MKV files, do you think if i got the lightning to SD card adapter, i can transfer MKV's over to said app instead of storing them on my ipad it self?
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    SD card adapter only works with the Photos app.


    I would recommend reencoding in Handbrake into m4v files. Then when you store them you should be able to import them into your camera roll for playback.

    edit: also, with it properly encoded into h.264 via Handbrake, your video files will play natively through the hardware decoders and you'll get better quality and better battery life. Transcodin on the fly has got to reak havoc on CPU and batt. life.
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    Only issue is the subtitles are softcoded in MKV files. If i use handbreak to convert, the subs are lost.
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    Embed them as a Handbrake input. https://trac.handbrake.fr/wiki/Subtitles
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    Ok so HB can take softcoded subs and hardcode them into a new format? And using this format is better on the battery? Does it take away from the quality?
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    why does it say on the website that this cable supports video as well?

    Just wondering
  7. Roy Hobbs, Dec 5, 2012
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    You can transfer videos taken with your camera to the iPad
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    ahhh so i will probably need something like the wi-drive then if i want to transfer actual movies over.

    got it
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    Sounds like you might be set, but if not, search the subject of video subtitles by forum member "Menneisyys2". Then sit back with a cup of coffee and learn everything there is to know about encoding with subtitles, and video apps for iOS.


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