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Lightroom v.2 (Beta) available for downloading

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Clix Pix, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Clix Pix

    In case anyone missed the news, the latest version of Adobe's new Lightroom is available. THIS one has the crop feature! LOL! I haven't yet played around in it to make note of other changes/improvements but the first thing I did was look for that cropping tool.
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    I didn't really like lightroom v.1 that much. don't really need it anyway, iPhoto is more than enough for what I need.
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    Crop and rotate! Now there's enough there to see if it can do the job.
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    I enjoyed how it crashed when I wasn't able to quit.

    Hopefully, it's better, though, the second time. :D
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    Clix Pix


    Heh....yep, I had to force-quit it, too. Hm.....
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    ..and i thought that it was just me not knowing how to quit a program :)

    It worked for me the next time I started it.
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    and it's also the first adobe app that's a universal binary! adobe's really taking it to aperture...it's good to have competition...better for us.
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    Was the first one that bad? I heard some good things, but if it didn't have a crop feature, why did people even bother giving it a chance? Crazy.
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    Adobe's just trying to figure out what it is that photographers want and need. While the first version may not have had crop or rotate functionality, it had a slew of other tools, and was aimed to get feedback from photographers. Right now, it's not meant to be the whole, full fledged application. In fact, according to Adobe, the final version will have a different look and feel. This is just a beta, and is not yet meant to be used in a real workflow.

    For once, consumers are able to test a program, and tell the manufacturer what they think should be done as far as bugs and features are concerned. Rarely does such a public beta happen in the world of major software companies, and I think everybody who needs an application like this should download it and let Adobe know what you think. In the end, everyone will get a better product.

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