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Limits on Submissions

Discussion in 'Daily Tunes Site Discussion and Feedback' started by SeaFox, Nov 6, 2003.

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    Is there a limit on how many submissions one can do in a given time period?

    Last night I submitted five different Ween tracks in a row. The first showed up, but the next one (by me) that posted was a Local H track I put in after the Ween.
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    I think people try to prevent multiple songs from the same artist showing up at once... but we then forget to go back...

    we'll get 'em in there...

    I'll talk to the other admins

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    I'll try to remember that when I submit and space things out a little better.

    I've noticed it before but since I usually get on late at night I sometimes forget how many songs I put in and how many were already there that I just added to my list :D

    It probably doesn't help I only come in to submit once a day and put in at least a half-dozen songs each time. :)
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    I love them, is their new album any good ?
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    Was that u, Dahl, who suggested like half a dozen Ween tracks yesterday?
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    No, but the more Ween the better. :D
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    hehe...fair enough...

    there was about 6 or so in a row the other day...just thought u may know about it...

    but now that u do...u have something to look forward to... ;)
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    I've been trying to split them up, so there's not just a solid front page of "ween" or "kenny chesney" or "the dixie chicks" or whatever - trying to get kind-of a cross-section of music at a time. And the way I see it, you should suggest the best song or two off an album, and if you want the whole album suggested, do that in the comments section of the first track you recommend. That way it's like a lead-in for people who like similar music and want to know more about this particular band.

    I've been trying to remember to go back, but sometime I forget... :) I'll try and make a sweep over them again before too long. :D
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    No it was me (if you're talking about a bunch that showed up at like one in the morning and were all from the Mollusk). I was leafing through my library and came across them. So I though, hmmmm, I wonder if the iTMS has any Ween.
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    The Mollusk is an awesome album, you could easily suggest all the songs of that album.
    Ocean Man was used for a car commerical not long ago, did anybody else catch it ?
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    Yeah, but I don't recommend the whole album. I only have those five tracks. I understand the not wanting the whole front page to be all Ween or Dixie Chicks or whatever. That's why I suggested a different artist for every track last night. :D

    Then again, a whole page of "SeaFox recommends" isn't much of an improvement. :)
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    ok - I went thru and approved a whole slew of songs that were marked as duplicates (same album) and so they should be in the system. When I get more time this weekend, I'll run thru and make sure I didn't miss any.

    Sorry about that - time kinda got away from me :)

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