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Lines on TV

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Butler Trumpet, Jul 25, 2004.

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    This really isnt about a computer but I thought someone would be able to help with this.
    When I play a DVD or gamecube on my tv... there are diagonal lines that run across the screen very slowly. I have my DCD player and gamecube hooked up directly (with a line spliter) to the front of my TV with the yellow video cable. I have taken the line splitter off and just hooked up one, and then the other, and the lines are still there. I have the splitter so that I can use both without have to change cables all the time.
    Thanks a lot.
  2. 7on
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    prolly need a new tv
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    Do you get the line while playing TV programs from over the air or cable? If the TV plays regular porgrams OK, then the problem may be a synchronization mismatch between your TV's video inputs and your digital sources? Do all of your sources use the same protocol such as NTSC, PAL, SECAM, or whatever?
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    The lines only apear when using a DVD player or Gamecube. The tv looks great when you just watch cable TV. Im not sure about the last question. They are both hooked up with the yellow video cable, to the same input. Hope that helps. Thanks :)

    edit- I have just unplugged everything from the wall and everything... right now the only thing I have hooked up are my tv and dvd player and the lines went away. Im thinking maybe the mess of wires that have power running through them was possibly interfearing. Could that be it? Normally I have a TV, Gamecube, VCR and DVD player all plugged into that power outlest. I have home theater stuff too, but its across the room.
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    Try plugging your stuff in through another connection, probably scart. It could be just your yellow video in is slightly messed up.
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    okay I figured it out... and this is weird. I get the lines on my tv when it is plugged into the cable jack. But only when using video in. So Im thinking that when doing video in, the tv is still trying to put a little bit of the cable signal on to the screen. Thankfully I have an easy fix for this, my cable jack on the wall is in plane view and very very easy to unhook when I want to watch a dvd or play a game. Weird, but I guess that will have to do.
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    The question that I had about NTSC, PAL, and SECAM had to do with the country of origin of your GameCube and DVD player. I presume that you bought your TV in the US (NTSC). Component bought elsewhere may use PAL or SECAM and will not display properly on a US TV set.

    If the TV looks great with cable, then your problem is likely not you TV, per se. The "yellow video cable" is called composite video. It may indeed be getting some crosstalk from other video sources. You may be picking up a signal from the 60 Hz AC line voltage. It may be any number of things. I recommend that you plug everything into a single plug bar or strip. Turn all components off. Then try each component separately with the others turned off. Then add to your set-up one at a time. I would also recommend that you inspect all of your cables to make sure that they are in good shape. If your TV has S-video and any of your peripherals have it, then I recommend that you use it for at least one component (the DVD player?) rather than the composite video.

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