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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Rewards 3,500 Employees with iPad Minis

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Business Insider reports that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has gifted every LinkedIn employee with an iPad mini.

    Here's what a spokesperson had to say about the gesture, which was first tweeted by Darain Faraz, a LinkedIn communications manager:
    The iPad minis were handed out an an all-hands meeting to each of LinkedIn's 3,500 employees, presumably as a small reward for LinkedIn's record Q4 earnings of $303.6 million. 3,500 iPad minis carry a total retail price of just over $1.2 million, tax included.

    Article Link: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Rewards 3,500 Employees with iPad Minis
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    because he's the weiner
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    Best place to buy a Mini is now the Bay Area Craigslist.
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    Nice gesture from a management to the people working for the success of their company.
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    It helps to be LinedIn.
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    Didn't they get hacked and user passwords were stolen and leaked to the public?! Yeah, hey good job guys, you lost thousands of customers confidential information, but here's an iPad mini.
  7. slu
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    How does linked in even make any money, let alone $300 million in a quarter.
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    I want to work there.
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    Jeff Weiner (channeling Oprah): You get an iPad! And you get an iPad! And you get an iPad! Everybody gets an iPad!!!!
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    Memberships and advertising. A lot of people use that site, myself included.
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    Lol, too funny.

    I'll bet there is a flood of ipads hitting ebay over the next few days.
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    They prey on the unemployed.
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    Remember that shipment that was stolen from JFK. I think that was 3500 Minis... Where was Jeff Weiner at the time?
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    I think they found the perps. Wasn't hard, they didn't even wait 12 hours before they threw them on CL.
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    Hmm...their loss.
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    Too bad that's gotta get tacked on as income to everyone's 2013 taxes. Still paying a decent percentage to the IRS
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    3500 employees?? How?? Why?? That sounds like 3000 too many...
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    But they don't have retina displays! :rolleyes:
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    Would it have been too much to get the full size iPad?
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    If he wanted to get the same amount of storage it would have been an extra $170 x 3500 employees. So he could have done it, but it would have cost the company an additional $595k (plus tax).
  21. slu
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    May I ask what you use it for? I am on there myself, but have found it to be of little value. It seems like an online resume for most people to me.
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    Should have waited for retina.
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    did apple care to quote a better price for those 3500 pieces?
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    Those weren't minis.
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    I'm still fixated on the factoid that LinkedIn has 3,500 employees.

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