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Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by nunes013, Sep 10, 2011.

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    so my computer is still running hot from lion and a few other bugs. I've always wanted to do a clean install since my computer is going on 3 years. i think i am about to do it but want to make sure im doing it right because i have never done it before. for lion clean install

    -boot into recovery HD after holding option during restart.
    -run disk utility and erase HD and set up as new.
    -after its done and the fresh OS is on plug in time machine drive and get back all old documents and programs

    i would know how to do it from snow leopard but without media i am a little confused. the first two steps are where i want clarification.
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    That's pretty much the process I used, only I went from a DVD I made from the dmg in the Lion Installer. Erased the drive and ran the installer right from it.
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    cool. so if i just download the lion recovery disk assistant and make it bootable on a flash drive then boot from it and run disk utility i should be all set
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    That would do it.
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    Yeah I highly recommend having a bootable flash drive in your possession for convenience/safety.
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    thanks guys!!! going to do it now. im going to make a bootable flash drive too when i finish.
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    Thats how i did it on my early 2009 MBP, really easy and straight forward, however it did take a while to download everything lion needed to install even with a 50mb connection.
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    If you're having bugs and really want to do a clean install I would recommend against restoring a time machine backup. The best way to give your system a fresh start is to re-install all your programs individually and only take the files from the backup drive. This is because you're copying everything bit-for-bit from the time machine backup and something that may have been corrupt in the past and the cause of errors will be copied over to your new machine.
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    Taz Mangus


    It may take a little longer to install Lion but it is the safer way to do it if you are going to do a clean install. This is the way I installed Lion on all my Macs. I have had zero freezes, zero kernel panics and no slow downs since clean installing Lion.

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