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Lion errored on download, now won't install

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by opticalserenity, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I was almost done when my internet connection dropped, and now it says "An error has occurred" next to the install button. When I click on install, nothing happens.

    Anyone know where the temporary file is so I can delete it and restart the download? Or are there any suggestions?
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    My first guess would be to check /Library/Receipts...maybe?
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    Just checked that...don't see anything that would be it... hrmph. :mad:
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    well, I dunno. I've been trying to find like an Application Support-type folder for the Mac App Store, but I can't seem to find anything. It's probably in a hidden folder.
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    ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore.
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    *facepalm* haha

    nevertheless, I don't see anything in there other than "manifest.plist"
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    Neither can I but we don't have stuck downloads. Maybe it would be there if we did.
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    Have you tried logging out of the App Store (Store > Sign Out), quitting, then reopening and logging back in?
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    I don't see anything in there at all, not even the plist.
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    Yes, and I've tried to use the Debug menu's reset and clear cache options.
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    Have you tried using spotlight?
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    Yeah but not really sure what the full file name will be...do you have it?
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    No, I do not. You could act like you are going to download it again and as soon as it begins you could stop it and then you would have a name and download location.
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    Well, that's not how it works. It's on the Mac App Store, and it won't let me re-install it on the purchases screen.
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    Oh, I didn't realize it was something from the app store. Sorry. If it is anything similar to iTunes they will respond to a nice e-mail.
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    I have the same problem, wont even download from different computer :mad:
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    Possible Fix

    I'm in the same boat. I just did the following, and it seems to have fixed it. This is not specific to Lion, but for any Mac App Store purchase. Keep in mind that you can't redeem the same redemption code more than once, even on the same machine, so make sure you keep a backup of the files/folders you change.

    1. Quit App Store.
    2. Open ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/manifest.plist (you'll need Xcode or something else that edits plists.)
    3. Edit the entry for the failed item (there may be more than one item, find the one with "failed" = YES.
    4. Change the "failed" entry to NO.
    5. Change the "paused" entry to YES.
    6. Take note of the "item-id" entry. You'll need it in a moment.
    7. Save the plist.
    8. There's a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/("item-id"). Rename it or delete it and empty your Trash.
    9. Open App Store. In the Purchases page, you should now be able to resume the download.
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    There is no App Store folder.

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