Lion Finally Has Cut and Paste for Files!

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by iPhone1, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. iPhone1, Mar 1, 2011
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    Cut/copy your file as normal and hold option and right click in the destination folder.

    You'll see a "Move Item Here" selection in the menu.

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    Jolly Jimmy

    Don't you mean cut and paste?

    Is there a keyboard shortcut?
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    Cut and paste assumingly? It's been there since 10.4.8 IIRC just disabled.
  4. boa, Mar 1, 2011
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    best news ever. (yes, I'm a switcher xD)

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    Patrick J

    Now this is good news!:apple:
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    This is THE killer feature for OS X 10.7 Lion!

    I'll see where the hardware's at when I get it, but I might just have to get another mac laptop...
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Cut & paste operations in the Finder require certainly a 64-Bit OS!

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    It doesn't work the same way in the older versions but the Finder has had this since 10.3.8 (not 10.4.8) it was just disabled, to enable just run this in the terminal and restart the Finder:

    defaults write AllowCutForItems 1

    To add the shortcut:
    Go to System Preferences
    KeyBoard & Mouse
    KeyBoard Shotcut
    In this windows press + on left botton
    All Applications
    Menu Title:Cut
    KeyBoard Shortcut:command+X

    The difference is that this gives you cut and then you paste versus the other one doing copy and then move instead of paste.
  9. boa
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    When you cmd+X after enabling that option, the file goes directly to the trash as far as I'm concerned. Not the real cutting for pasting desired behaviour.
  10. bedifferent, Mar 16, 2011
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    Finder "Cut"

    I've not seen any mention of Lion now using Finder's "Cut", which is now active.


    Sorry, I started a thread and the mods moved it to this one, so forgive my comment that sounds rather "Captain Obvious" now lol

    Oh and what was the reason for the elimination of Cut from Finder? I remember Apple stating that users were losing data that they forgot to paste or copy after a cut. Why didn't they implement a clipboard or such to save any cut files/info in case users had forgotten?
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    How did I miss THAT?
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    Windows cut and paste never required 64 bit so why mac?
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    :rolleyes: = sarcasm
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    Wasn't trying to be sarcastic. Was just just simply wondering. I use cut and paste all the time. Just never needed it for mac I guess.
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    Mr. Retrofire was being sarcastic...hence the use of ":rolleyes:"
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    You can have Cut & Paste (also with shortcut) in Snow with TotalFinder :cool:
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    This can be turned on also in Snow Leopard, but after you execute the CMD+X the file goes directly to Trash. The same happens also in Lion. Nothing new about that.
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    YES!!! Wait... Shouldn't this have been on OSX or even OS9 years ago? Oh well, nice that is has Cut and Paste now.
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    I'm going to love to hear how the apple fanboys who defended this omission of this feature now praise apple for being so innovative by creating a new feature to move files :p
  20. slb
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    I've never seen anyone defend the omission, and I doubt we'll see anyone praise Apple for being innovative in implementing it either. Nobody cares that much.
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    Finally. It's about time, I don't love Finder it's just not as good as the rest of OSX
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    Guys don't you get it?? There isn't any new capability for CUT in Lion. Lion doesn't have cut files action!!

    The tip that @Hansr said just activate the Cut command from the menu bar. But it doesn't work!!!! Works again only in text.

    When you activate it and execute the cmd+x, the file goes directly in trash.No cut!

    You can activate it also in Leopard, Snow Leopard. Is going to be the same. Is not a new feature in Lion.
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    What about simple cut/paste of files and folders like in Windows using keyboard shortcuts? I use this every day. and it is about the only thing keeping me from switching to a mac. Is this feature finally going to be implemented in the next release? As beautiful as the apple hardware is, I find it so odd that this simple and essential feature isn't built into the OS natively.
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    There's a few thread here defending the lack of cut/paste for files.

    The latter portion of my statement was tongue and cheek as many people were praising apple and calling it innovative when they added multitasking to iOS ;)
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    That wasn't innovating. That kind of multi-tasking prevaled in ancient times but yes, Apple brought real multi-tasking using less resources and power.

    But seriously looking at your post history, you just sound butt-hurt.

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