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Lion has caused changes in my computer booting and sleeping

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by swansonma, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I have a 27" iMac, the newest model, and before Lion in booted in a snap. It went to sleep instantly when pressing the power button. And it just generally ran very fast.

    But thanks to Lion, it sits at the grey boot screen for several minutes, sometimes up to 10 minutes, it takes another 5 or 10 minutes to release control after OS X has started (the desktop and dock are shown but you can't really do anything, it's as if it's locked up temporarily), and whenever I press the power button for sleep mode, it takes about a minute or two to actually go to sleep. In addition, I feel like performance in general is just slower, and I seem to have a lot more incidents of programs crashing or hanging.

    WTF Apple?! Am I the only one experiencing these issues?
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    My boot time is indeed slower, but nothing like you describe. Sounds like something else going on with your Mac.
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    I would restore Snow Leopard. You do have a Time Machine backup right? :(
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    Yes I do have a time machine backup, but it's backed up everything since I installed Lion so would it be able to restore everything to pre-Lion?
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    I had the same problem, When booting it would show my desktop and my curser arrow would be in the top left corner of the screen, frozen for quite a while before I could use my computer. It was running very hot also. I did a clean Lion install, and these issues have been resolved.
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    There could be. I did read about the problem some users are having with the 1TB Seagate hard drives--which is the model my iMac has--so I am a little worried about that. But in my experience with computers over the last decade I've found that if a hard drive fails, it fails. And since this only started AFTER the Lion install, and since it is very specific and consistent performance issues (except of course for the periodic Safari crashes)--I tend to think it's something with Lion.

    ...or maybe a combination of Lion and a bad hard drive...

    I just wish the damn thing didn't weigh 35 pounds or I'd of already taken it in to the Apple Store for diagnosis.
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    You know now that I think about it, it has been running A LOT hotter than it did originally. In fact sometimes I get so warm sitting in front of it that I turn a fan on... then I get up and the rest of my apartment is freezing and I realize that you could cook an egg on the top of the thing! lol

    You know it also started having problems display 3D graphics in a game I was playing, the 2D graphics were all fine but anything that was 3D rendered looked like static... I thought it was the game at the time, but I'm wondering if it was the video card over-heating...

    So great, either I have a brand new lemon iMac dud or Lion has royally ******** my computer up...
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    I had my macbook pro on battery expecting it to sleep in 5 minutes and guess what. Battery was dead after sitting for 3 hours idle. I'm going back to snow leopard with my time machine backup. I was hoping for a update to fix some of this. Not to hijack this thread but do I just restore my time machine backup or do I need a fresh install?
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    I haven't tested it, but it should be able to. Boot up while holding "option", then select the recovery partition, then select time machine. It will list all the backups you can restore.
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    Boot off your Snow Leopard disk and select time machine. Then restore.
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    Thanks, I may very well do this, although I may wait a week or two to see if an update with fixes comes along... I don't want to downgrade and then have to hope and pray that Apple will let me re-download Lion without charging me a second copy when the next fix does come out.
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    Agreed.. For now though you should probably verify your hard drive and fix permissions using Disk Utility.
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    I will also be downgrading to SL. Bloody Lion is a pain!

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