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Lion Internet Recovery taking forever

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mackit6, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Hi. Decided to do a clean reinstallation of the Lion on my new 13" mba that I ordered from the apple online store. Erased my disk using disk utility and when i tried to reinstall the Lion, it stated that "this version of Mac OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on this machine". A blank white screen followed after a restart (since I have no more OS X Lion in it). Panic, I restarted the mpa, held onto Command+R, a rotating globe appeared with a progress bar with a small clock indicating 24:00 below. Then an error message "apple.com/support - 1006F" appeared after I waited for about an hour. I tiied restarting the mba with the Command+R again, and i have been seeing this rotating globe for the last two hour, same 24:00 below it. Would like to check whether anyone has experienced this long wait and roughly how long would it take for it to complete? I am using a 16mbps broadband connection. Thanks in advance!
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    You might find something useful on this support page:



    Install app warnings
    This disk cannot be used to start up your computer

    Apple offers no explanation as to why the installation may balk here, other than to say it can happen in “some situations.” However, Apple does provide a solution: Restart your Mac, launch Disk Utility and, from the Partition tab, slightly reduce the size of your startup partition (by as little as 128MB). You should now be able to install Lion. When done, you can restore the partition to its previous size. If this resizing trick fails, you will likely need to reformat the drive.

    Good luck...:)

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    Hi, Howard.

    I switched to wifi connection and the download of the network recovery somehow managed to go through and it went back to the MAC OS X Utility (where i erased my disk using Disk Utility). Tried the "Reinstall the Mac OS X" option and the same error message "This version of Mac OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on this machine". Frustrating as my MBA is still brand new, 2 weeks old the most. I played it safe and am now restoring to an earlier time using time machine. Will try out the partition reduce tips once i have my old Lion back (in about 10 mins). Thanks for the kind advice. Regards.:)
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    restoring my MacBook Air 11 took me almost 3 hours because of the ultra slow download speed from Apple. My internet connection gets around 1.6 mb/s download when downloading other things via safari, chrome, or firefox (Comcast Xfinity 20mbps package). But when restoring my MBA 11, it was taking forever and was a pain to do so.
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    being a window user who tried it out the first time on mac, it was a completely new experience to me. after successfully managed to go back to the mac os x utility, restored to an earlier stage using time machine, i realized that my recovery partition (it was there before) disappeared! Thought of using the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant available to create a usb stick to boot offline in time of trouble but I was not able to as my HD recovery was gone. Any idea on how can i retrieve it? Depressing day for me. :(
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    You are kind of stuck if you have a new machine with the Lion already installed on it when you get it. If you have upgraded an older machine for $30, you can make a copy of the almost 4GB file and use it to install on your other machines or make a DVD of it. (amazingly, it only took about 30 minutes to download that file on my cable internet ... and that was on "release day" !)

    You can also extract the actual installer from within that file and put it on a small 4GB USB stick and keep it around for just this situation. So ... if all else fails and you want a local reinstall capability, you can get it for $30. :rolleyes:
    This also creates the "restore partition" on any machine that doesn't have it.

    I think you can also take your computer to any Apple Store and they will restore it for you.

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    is there a way to make an offline boot disk/flash for machines with Lion built in? My USB flash drive worked on the 2010 model but won't restore the 2011. It's really frustrating I have a legal copy of Lion on flash drives and dmg but it's making me download through recovery and it says itll take 5hrs.
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    Are you saying you made a Lion install USB flash drive which works on the 2010 Air but won't work on the 2011 Air? That is really strange! :eek:

    If it is the Snow Leopard OS X on your flash drive ... that won't install on 2011 Airs, they must have Lion to install.
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    If you make a USB flash drive on a 2010 air with lion it wont work with the 2011 air since the GM is different than what shipped with the airs
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    Im loving everything about the new Macbook Air and Lion, but restoring the system is a complete failure. I'm trying to restore because Im trading in my 13" for an 11" but its a disaster.

    -App Store copy of Lion that I put on a USB stick works on 2010 Air but not 2011
    -SuperDuper clone took 2hrs but I couldnt multitask the Lion download because it can ONLY be done in Recovery Mode
    -Restore says 5hrs 30min
    -COX internet out here throttles bandwidth for large files (they assume all large file downloaders are pirates) so my download speeds dropped from 300kb to 20kb after first hour

    So im really annoyed that i have to spend all day doing something that should take just a few minutes.

    Bonus Rant:
    I also discovered The Time Capsule sucks for the Air. Due to lack of ethernet it all has to be done wireless and it estimated me 12hrs for 64GB. I quit halfway and did it off a local backup and it took 30min. And to make matters worse, I screwed up because my return window for the TC ended 2 days ago... <sad trombone> :mad:
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    Remember, according to the Jobsians on MR, Ethernet is a dying, old, worthless technology.

    To put it in perspective, using Gigabit Ethernet from my Pro, I can get a Time Machine backup to the Capsule done of 100GB in about 15-20 minutes. Dying indeed.
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    hah, i'd take my heavy, obese, overweight, outdated mbp w/gig-port and super-duper-drive anyday.
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    thunderbolt to ethernet adaptor would be good (not sure if it exists or not). Lion in general is an epic failure I really wish I could put snow leopard back on because other than mission control every new feature sucks imo. As for the time capsule it will go not too bad if you use 5ghz and put your air right beside the router. Distance really kills the speed on wifi N
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    Yeah. I remember my initial TM backup to the TC took 2 days. They really shouldve put a Thunderbolt Port on the new Time Capsules because if it can take days to do an initial backup then how long will it take to do a wireless restore. I screwed up by keeping this thing.

    BTW. I finally gave up on restoring my MBA 13" so I just did a disk utility secure erase and returned it as a blank drive. I apologized to the Geek Squad guy and he said it was fine because a lot of people were exchanging their Airs for other sizes so he had to restore a bunch of Lion machines and they had to download the recovery every time.
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    Only if you don't mind a 27" display to go along with it and some extra ports as well, if only someone would come out with that part but with usb3 i'd be all over it.
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    A USB-Ethernet adapter (Apple or cheap eBay one) would certainly be much faster. However, a portable USB hard disk would be even faster on backup and restore and they are pretty cheap these days. Not as convenient as a TC for day-to-day backups, but much better when you just want to plug it in and quickly get a full backup for maintenance.

    Concerning Lion upgrade... I do think it makes the Macbook Air experience somewhat better with features designed to make a small display easier to work with. However, I haven't seen the need to put it on my desktop systems yet, I am happy with Snow Leopard on these machines for now.:)
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    Look on the bright side. When 10.7.1 hits, you can download the complete file again from the App Store and when you restore it to a flash drive, you'll be able to install Lion on your Air from that. ;)
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    i finally took my mb air to the apple service centre and they held it for a night to reinstall the lion for me. sadly, even with that clean install from the apple server, there was still no hd recovery partition. looks at i can only pin my hope on the new 10.7.1...... sigh.
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    i spoke to two client services technicians today and learnt from them that my problem could be an network issues with my ISP, Starhub. Strangely, when i used Starhub 3G to download, it managed to download but it was really SLOW. Still downloading after 6 hours and it was only less than one quarter downloaded. Sigh.
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    hi my friend

    i have same your problem
    I try download lion on macbook air (july2011) from internet recovery by
    pressing Command+R
    have error: 1006f or 1007f and 2002f
    and i go to Recovery HD and try to download and reinstall lion,
    also have error: could not find installation information for this machine Contact AppleCare
    my internet connection is ok but have error and can not download lion (build 11a2063)
    My opinion is firmware efi (internet recovery) have some problem.
    i search in internet and i see another person have same problem.
    http://www.iphone-my.com/news/missin...d-macbook-air- users-struggle-system-restores/

    However, please tell me again, what is ur problem now?!
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    I have news.

    For build 11A2063 Youtube/Google 'OS X Lion Restore Macbook Air 11A2063'
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    as much of a cool feature this is, i'm dreading the day i'll have to do this haha.

    making the backup USB is the same right?
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