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Lion Multi-Touch on late '06 Macbook

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by AWallen90, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I have a late '06 Macbook. I am unable to do the current gestures more than two fingers. Will the Lion multi-touch features work on this machine?

    It is the 2ghz c2d
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    No, it lacks the proper hardware and can never recognize more then two fingers.
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    That's not fun for me. It's what I was dreading but I was thrown when it was said in the keynote that it will work on all trackpads, I will have to go back and rewatch that part.
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    Multitouch Macs, iPods, iPhones, iPads all have a Broadcom chip to enable the feature. Your mac lacks this hardware and can only recognize two finger scrolling.
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    Can the OP buy a Magic Trackpad to enable this feature?
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    Yes! Magic trackpad works with any mac that has bluetooh.
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    There you go, problem solved OP :cool:
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    Haha thanks guys :)
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    The Magic Mouse has this feature as well. :)
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    I was in the same boat with my '08 white MacBook that lacks multi-touch. I got a Magic Trackpad for Christmas so I can use the multi-touch gestures, and man do I love it!
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    Most welcome, fellow Mac user :p
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    Did any of the non-unibody Macbooks have the multi-touch trackpad? If so, I wonder if a replacement keyboard from a newer Macbook could work on a 2006 era macbook.
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    None of the non unibody MacBooks had a multitouch trackpad.
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    as far as I'm aware, the only machine that has full multitouch support on it's trackpad and isn't a unibody machine was the MacBook Pro released in early 2008, it was the last of the classic design before the switched to unibody.
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    What I find a bit disappointing is how the two finger forward and back in Lions Safari don't work on non multitouch trackpads even though only 2 fingers are necessary. =/
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    Swipe sometimes work

    Strangely enough, two-finger sideways swipe works like a charm in LaunchPad but not in Safari or any other places. In Safari, the two-finger sideways swipe is somehow recognized as different from a one-finger swipe (or it could simply be that the system when seeing two-finger sideways sends events which are ignored by Safari), since the pointer stays still when this gesture is used.

    The only way this could conceivably happen would be if the "3 and more" touch gestures have another API than the two-touch, and Launchpad is capable of using both while Safari uses only the newer one. Will be interesting to see if Apple will bother to fix it for legacy users..

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