Lion Server - $49.99: Upgrade from Snow Leopard Server Only!

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Phil A., Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Phil A., Jun 6, 2011
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    Phil A.

    So, it's official - Lion Server won't be included as part of the standard Lion release, but will be a separate $49.99 purchase from the App Store. Looks like it's a complete OS download for that price rather than an add-on to Lion

    as found on this page - you need Snow Leopard Server installed already before you can buy Lion Server...
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    Apple is really aggressive this time, 50$ for server is one tenth of SL upgrade's price IIRC.
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    so is it 50 for lion with the server or is it just the server app?
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    Well, $50 IS a better price than previous rates, but it's not as good as the free they originally stated. That said, I've toyed around with it and found that it just isn't for me, but for somebody who needs it I'm sure they will take $50 over $499 any day. :p
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    Phil A.

    It's not massively clear - they talk about downloading Lion and Lion Server on this page, but only quote the price as $49.99

    However, there is a big, big caveat on that price - you need Snow Leopard Server already installed in order to upgrade to Lion Server for $49.99.

    So it looks like anyone who had the idea to grab cheap server software with Lion is going to be out of luck...
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    I wonder how they will handle those migrating to apple with the release of lion and never having used SL but desire the server aspect
  7. Mal
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    I don't think that's absolutely clear from that page. It may be true, but I suspect that anyone running Lion will be able to purchase Lion Server from the App Store. Note that the page you linked to mentions buying "Lion and Lion Server".

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    Exactly, the page is about "Upgrading your Mac server from Snow Leopard Server to Lion Server couldn’t be more hassle free."

    It makes no claims about Macs sold after Lion is default. All this tells us is that for Macs sold until the day before Lion drops, you will need Snow Leopard Server to get Lion Server and even then the language isn't that strong; it's basically marketing targeted at current mac admins who are looking to upgrade.
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    Something to keep an eye on. That $49.99 comes at a price if you need SL server now. In my opinion not "The Server for everyone".
  10. Mal
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    It's not even saying that. It's saying "If you have Snow Leopard Server, make sure you're up-to-date, then download Lion and then Lion Server." I don't think it's indicating that you will have to have been using Snow Leopard Server, only that you have to have the latest update (10.6.8 according to the rumors) in order download Lion.

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    Phil A.

    Yeah, but under step 2, it clearly states You’ll need Snow Leopard Server v10.6.6 or later to purchase Lion and Lion Server from the Mac App Store
    Which definitely seems to be saying you can't purchase Lion Server from the App Store unless you already have SL Server...
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    meh, that's a major disapointment
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    well looks like im just going to wait a month longer to buy my mac mini
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    Mal's right. All that's saying is that you need to have the 10.6.6 update to upgrade SL Server to either Lion or Lion Server, since that's the requirement to have the app store. If it was on the normal Lion page, it would say the same thing. But this is upgrading server to server.
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    Considering the XSAN filesystem is $999 on its own, $50 is a steal.

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