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Lion Server as Idisk replacement?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by docderwood, Aug 10, 2011.

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    What I'd like to do:

    Use my Lion server to replace ALL the functionality of Idisk.

    Have the "Idisk replacement" always on my desktop of all my macs (no PCs).

    If not connected to internet, have it sync back to the Lion server when I reconnect (Ie locally stored but sync when re-connected).

    Have an easily available public folder for colleagues to access.

    I have an NAS with some of this functionality, i has some RAID redundancy. Would prefer to use the MacMini server hard drive as the storage point, though, because it gets backed up to the NAS.

    thx for any recommendations. Open to 3rd party software (paid or free) to accomplish this!
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    I am looking into this as well. I am considering using Rumpus with an old Mac Mini G4 as a file server for my clients via the web or FTP. I know that the computer is old and slow, but my internet is 25M up and down, so I think that it will provide sufficient transfer speeds.

    To me, Rumpus looks a lot more professional than Lion server, and perhaps easier to use. It also seems more secure, since you can easily set up separate password protected folders for each client. I have never set up a server before, and have always used iDisk. My clients are starting to ask for a more secure way to transfer files than iDisk as well.

    I'd like to get some more opinions on this.
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    Using Server instead of iDisk

    I hope someone can help. I tried reading a Tiger Server book and got lost. Seems quite complex as it can have many uses. Basically I want the server to act as a replacement for my external hard drive. My spouse and I have found that we can share files, photos, music, calendars, contacts, etc by accessing the file on the external drive. But I have to set it up and go under his account to import and fix things- he is not interested in learning or doing it- just wants the stuff there when he needs it.
    I think syncing our accounts to a server may prove easier. Does anyone have basic information on how well or how complex this would be?
    I have a Mac Mini, iMac and MBA. I would like to put SL Server on the MacMini and keep that backed up offsite as well.
    Basically use the home server instead of iDisk to keep my user accounts in sync.
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    With Windows it's super easy....map a drive, check the always available offline box and away you go. Is there a Mac version of "always available offline" anyone?
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    Yes there is on Mac OS X Server. We mac people call it mobile accounts. However, thats for the whole home folder. Im pretty sure you can map a drive to be offline.
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    Mac online

    I am confused. Do you mean you drag the home folder to a mobile account that syncs with a home server? Or do you mean an offsite service like DropBox or SugarSync?
    I am following this thread to learn about using a Mac OS server to replace iDisk, not another online service. I am frustrated and tired with all the services out there that get me enthused, offer to do what I need for a few years, then change and disapear or perhaps merge or redesign themselves causing me another round if turmoil.
    I am ready to manage my own syncing with my own server. No one has really addresses how that works. I have done some research and apparently Lion is much easier to set up and operated for home users than SL was.
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    Lion OS server as iDisk replacement

    I was looking forward to this thread very much as it is exactly what I want to do. Yet the responses seem determine to veer into the direction of online or cloud based replacements. It would be refreshing to see a posting by someone using Apple server software on a Mac and how or why the like or don't like it to sync their household Macs and devices.
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    I run Snow Leopard Server on a Mac Mini 2010 server at home. When setup correctly it will enable you to have most of the functionality you get from iDisk. You can set up a network account, then enable it as a mobile account which will allow you to select which folders in your Home folder you want to sync, and if you want to sync when you log on, log off or both. This will happen whenever you are connected to your home network, so unlike iDisk, your files won't automatically appear on other devices until you have logged in from the mobile account first. If you have a static IP or run a dynamic DNS service like www.dyndns.com, you can set up a VPN connection that will allow access to your server from anywhere (Internet access permitting of course). I have yet to look at Lion Server, but I'd assume the features are the same.
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    Server functions

    Thanks for taking the time to post. I am also currently running SL and able to sync multiple devices with my account. I heard that Lion is more user-level ready to function as a server and will go beyond syncing just a single user account.
    I am a bit behind the server curve and need to catch up. I am looking at the server function to go beyond just my account and iDisk. I would like to control Calendar, Contacts, music and photo libraries for 2 user accounts- myself and spouse on multiple devices. I am hoping that others will comment on the ease or difficulty of setting up Lion Server to run that type of syncing between multiple accounts and if it will also act as a user interface to run software should the need arise.
    What I appreciated most about iDisk was that I could send anyone a link to a file and they never had a hassle downloading anything. No required signing in or creating an account or registering. I would also like to be able to do that. Not often, but periodically with files that are too large for email.

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