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Liquid Cooling?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by RobHague, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I just got my new PowerMac today, and set it up and everything and couldnt resist a quick peak inside the case. It does look a little different in there :) noticed a big honking heatsink on the board that i dont remember seeing before.

    Anyway the thing is at the bottom of the case there is a little sticker saying something along the lines of "If you see liquid, contact Apple Support".

    Is that a generic "If you see strange liquid in your case PANIC!" or.... didnt the 2.7's have this written in them? I don't remember it being in my old 2.3 case. Maybe i just didnt see it. Do the new cooling systems involve heatpipes?

    The system is a LOT quieter than the old 2.3 was. I have not heard the fans spin up high at all yet.
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    My dual 2.5GHz (Rev B) has that sticker on it, this was the first machine to have liquid cooling, the 2.7 had it as well, but i dont think the 2.3's had it. What model is your new PM? Enjoy it :)
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    Which one did you get?
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    That's the thing, i got the 2.3 Dual-Core. And it has that sticker in the corner. :confused:
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    Hrrm...I though only the quads (according to MacWorld) were to be liquid cooled, but I did notice the water-cooled raditor-type fins on the website.

    Call and ask. :D
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    If you can post a pic showing what is behind the heatsink face plate. (i.e. take a pic at like a 45º from the front of the case looking into the case)
    If it is still the same design as my PM it should show whether or not there is a radiator there or just a normal heat sink.

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