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List: Apple Stores with MBA units and/or demo

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by DVNIEL, Jan 30, 2008.

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    I'm not sure if this was established yet. But this is for those that do not want to wait for FedEX and would rather hold the MBA in their hand before pulling the trigger. I'm sure a lot of you are calling, post here of what responses you get.

    As of Wednesday 01/30/08
    - All major Bay Area, CA stores have none
    - Flagship stores Walnut Creek and San Francisco report that a demo unit is indeed coming, but unsure of whether sales will begin this week
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    add socal to that list as well. Sherman oaks, northridge, santa monica all dont have any demos or stock.

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    Add Brea, South Coast, Irvine Spectrum, and Fashion Island to the list (As of closing on 01/30)

    I received confirmation from my university computer store that they have a shipment of apple products coming in tomorrow and they will go on sale on Friday. Also, the Fashion Island store told me Friday is the day.

    The other 3 stores however, have no idea with responses ranging from "Mid Februrary" to "I don't know"
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    Just wanted to bump this thread for our East Coast congregation...

    What are the Apple Stores saying there this morning over there?
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    I should know soon when the store guy calls me. Im in Atlanta. Got a no go call for today, yesterday. Shouldnt be too long before I get one for tomorrow.
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    Regent Street flagship store in London said "anytime in the next two weeks" on the phone this morning. Sounded like a canned response.
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    The prices at that store is abysmal!
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    Huh? They are the same as at any other Apple Store or at apple.com/ukstore
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    I buy Mac products from the online Higher Education Store :) As for accessories, Amazon.co.uk is the best!
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    You can get HE prices at Regent Street with your school ID.
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    What store did you say you were contacting? Lenox, north point, perimeter....?
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    NC MacGuy

    None at any of the three NC stores as of 11:45 am on 1/31. One said hoping by weekend.
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    Meadowhall UK

    Just been on phone with apple Meadowhall - they said they will be on sale Monday.
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    West County STL - Friday

    Apple Store West County, St Louis just said they expect to have MBAs in stock tomorrow. We shall see.
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    i wonder what's taking them so long to get any UK delivery, its just a different power adapter isn't it, or are the boxes going to be different like the iPhone? (i doubt it)

    even if apple just sent out 10 Airs to regent street that would be cool.
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    Well Meadowhall gave me a daft answer to that I quote "they need to be shipped further" Duhhh.
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    Thanks for the NC update! I was hoping Charlotte, NC would have them by tomorrow. Oh well...
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    So answer me this, how are they keeping these display units from walking out the store when there is no security slot?

    does each Air get a security guard?
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    usb gizmo

    An alarm fixed to the usb slot break the connection and the alarm goes off. (they use an ethernet one for other laptops)
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    for sale

    Also are the units for sale now or just demos?
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    wow, with a mag safe I bet that thing is CONSTANTLY going off, lol
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    Wonder if bringing in a bottle of Advil for the sales floor crew will increase my education discount. You know that alarm is going to go off at least 100 times a shift. So rather then manning the notebooks they are just staffing the alarm override.
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    Apple store has not called me to cancel like they did yesterday, so it looks like a go for tomorrow!
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    Bay Area, CA update

    Stoneridge (Pleasanton, CA) - They said to check back later on today, but for sure tomorrow.

    San Francisco (Flagship Store) - More worrisome, they said that it will only be able to PREVIEW tomorrow, but not sure on when actual sales will begin

    Walnut Creek - Girl had no idea what the hell I was talking about

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