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List of Retail Stores with MBA (UK Only)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ddk121, Feb 4, 2008.

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    This thread is similar to the one made by 'villanova329', where people can post which retail stores in the UK have demo units of the MBA, and/or MBA's in stock. I though making this thread would be easier for us Britains to see which stores had them.

    As of around 5 PM today (4/02/08), Apple store Regent Street had no demos or units in stock, nor did the premium reseller AT Computers in Cardiff.
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    Went to the Regent street apple store on saturday 2nd and they said 2 weeks! i think there hiding somthing,anway im back in exeter and i will call the one there to see of they no anything
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    Hopefully they'll be in sometime this week. US stores are starting to get them...:confused:
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    Went into regent street at 7pm and asked four different sales reps about stock. answers below:
    1. definitely in 2 weeks.
    2. any day now
    3. in the next couple of days i know all the US stores now are receiving theirs
    4. no idea.

    Anyway passed the store at midnight and no sign of any new signage or people changing displays.
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    rang a local reseller and they said they only get 3 days notice of shipments. i.e notified monday for wednesday deliveries. So even if they get some this week/weekend, they won't know until thursday-ish.

    I have my fingers crossed because I'll be down there on Friday anyway, woudl be good to see one in the flesh. even if I can't buy one it'll help me decide between that or a standard macbook
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    In stock in Regent Street

    Walked past the Apple Store on Regent Street and they have plenty of Mac Book Airs on display so assuming they have stock to.
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    Anyone know if the Trafford Centre store has them in yet?? Will be going on Wednesday.
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    Trafford Centre still saying no stock or display models yet.
    Local reseller in Cheshire (MCC) saying 2 weeks.
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    Brent Cross say this week, no demo's as yet, there was a huge crate of stock in the back that had a very dark non see-through wrap around, many different answers from staff, some say "very soon" some say "no idea" some say "macbook where". Will keep you posted.
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    There are 4 display units in Regents Street, London store. None for sale though. They say by the end of this week some might be for sale. The 2 I used were 1.6/80's.
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    Not that I would want an ex display model, but I am sure there is a piece of UK retail legislation which says the retailer is legally obliged to sell you the item if it is on display. Are there any Trading Standards people on the forum who could confirm or refute this?
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    A consumer offers to purchase an item from the Shops which the shop can accept or refuse. Display items aren't "offering" goods for sale, they are an "invitation to treat" (inviting you to do business).

    So no, you can't compel the Regent Street store to sell you a display MacBook Air.. :mad:
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    There is a display model at the WestQuay store in Southampton but no stock to buy although they do have new 16GB iPhones in stock
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    Any in the Bullring store yet??
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    Called AT computers in Cardiff again today, still none in stock. They said told me that they might have them next week...:(
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    someone on another forum had a play with a display model in the Glasgow Apple Store
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    hi does the apple store in glasgow have any MBA demos ????

    do you think it will be worth cancelling my order on the apple store and go get one from glasgow ???
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    Brent Cross now have two demo Macbook Airs and plenty of Macbook Air Super drives, no stock until Friday. So they say!
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    Demo Units have arrived at Western Computers (Swindon, Cheltenham and Bristol) sellable stock should be here by the end of the week.
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    ooh, I'll be down there tomorrow and friday. Although in meetings all day, will see if I can bunk off at lunch.

    edit: Just called bristol and they were very vague. Didn't even confirm they had a demo unit, but hoped to get one by the end of today. *might* be up tomorrow they didn't know. Said they were taking deposits for mid-feb, but also said that retail stock should follow demo stock very closely - so no useful info there.

    millypede, you have inside knowledge about Western?

    might just go to brent cross for a demo tonight, then just look for whoever has sellable stock first.
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    got one on display at the exeter store. rang this morning.

    dont no the specs tho. sorry.
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    Trafford centre have 2 display models, but none in stock yet.
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    PC World stores are apparently expecting stock 11/02 according to this page.
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    Regent St - Stock Expected 7th or 8th of Feb!

    Was in today looking at MacBook Airs and was told stock in thurs or fri!

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    Glasgow has 3 on display including one 1.8 SSD. None for sale at moment - perhaps next week?

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