Listen to Music over Bluetooth in 1.1.1

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Engadget notes that iPhone 1.1.1 seems to inadvertently allow you to stream music over bluetooth.
    There are still a few kinks... unfortunately, the audio also plays out of your internal speaker at the same time.

    Article Link
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    Interesting. I hope Apple eventually allows Bluetooth synching as well.
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    Uhhh... This is not new to 1.1.1 it has been around since the beginning. I have had the this page bookmarked waiting for further updates!

    I think Engadget is a little behind on this one!
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    I agree. I really miss being able to share music, pictures, and contacts with anther friends Bluetooth phone, now I got nothing. This sounds to me like its not apple who wants it to be this way, but everyone else
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    Unfortunately the iPhone STILL doesn't support A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth)... I predict it will after leopards release though, as leopard finally adds a2dp support to the mac ;)

    In case you can't tell by testing this out.... Normal bluetooth audio sucks ;)

    (though the iPhone actually produces the best sound I've heard to date over a normal mono-bluetooth headset...).. Now gimme a2dp! My old LG VX8300 had it (incidentally it was added in a sw update...), no reason the iPhone can't.
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    Ok, how do you get your post to show like that (showing you are posting from your iPhone)?

    BTW, I have been listening to music (podcasts) over bluetooth since launch day...although it seems to be hit or miss in terms of functionality (unreliable). :confused:
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    I cant wait for stereo bluetooth headsets.... its only a matter of time till apple does it.

    On an unrelated note I really like how I can pair my apple bluetooth headset with my macbook pro and use it for iChat AV audio and video chat! It rocks!
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    you have to post from instead of the main site.
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    You can also mix your music into existing calls by exploiting a similar "bug". Basically, while you are in call, all audio is redirected towards bluetooth/handset speaker.

    Go to the ipod while in a call, and start playing a song. The far end won't be able to hear it, but you will. Its a bit of a pain to figure out how to adjust the mixing volume, but this "feature" is great for long, boring conference calls that could use a good beat in the background.
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    I expect Apple will support A2DP the day they have a Stereo Bluetooth Headset to sell, and not a day sooner.

    My local BestBuy has the Motorola Stereo BT headsets for $19.95 (normally $100) so I picked one up. This trick works, but I'm hoping for A2DP.
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    I'm sure you're correct about when Apple will support it.

    Where's your local Best Buy. I want to grab a pair at that price!
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    I've been using the bluetooth audio to connect the iphone audio to my car's audio system. While it's much like AM radio (low frequency response and monophonic), it's perfectly adequate for podcast narratives.
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    Rochester, NY. (The Henrietta Store... haven't checked the Greece store)

    Note that it's the HT820 model, with the around the neck, over ear fit (which I prefer), not the newer tiny MotoRokr in-the-ear $120 set. Also, because it has support for 3.5mm cable (included), you could use it to listen to iPhone music WIRED and it would switch to Bluetooth for phone calls. When/if A2DP is added to the iPhone, then you could go pure Bluetooth.

    If your BestBuy doesn't have it at that price, I could probably pick one/more up and sell it at cost (inc shipping) to fellow iPhoners.

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