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LiteSwitch X 1.5 - Now with Jaguar support

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by edesignuk, Dec 3, 2002.

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    A new version of LiteSwitch X has been released which now is supported under Mac OS X.2.

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    Just a bit more info...

    What this app does is repleces the regular command + tab to switch between apps with a nice window so that you can see what app you are switching too. It looks like this...

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    the dock also shows which app you are switching to
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    Yes, but IMO having this is much better.
    It is much easier to see what app you have moved to and it looks better.
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    It's so... windozish.... but it's still a good idea, I guess...

  6. USE
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    unlike the dock it switches apps in recently used order..
    so once apple-tab puts you in the application you were before, not in the one that's listed next on the dock.

    it's Great!

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    It would be incredibly arrogant to think that Windows does everything in an inferior way. In fact I happen to like the Windows Alt-Tab quite a bit.
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    Yeah I know, I hate to admit it but it's a good feature... but that's why I said it's a good idea...

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    i love it.:D


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