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Discussion in 'Community' started by medea, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Hello all, you probably won't see me posting much any more but I thought I would share this story with everyone. You see my wife and I just got back from our honeymoon which we spent in NY and the 8 days we had there were pretty much perfect, including the weather, except on one of the last days there I lost my wallet. My wallet included about $200, credit/debit cards, my social security card (which I realized carrying around was a bad idea soon after) both my wifes and my own drivers license, her student ID, a $100 gift card, my spare car key, one of our hotel keys and both privlege cards etc so this was pretty devastating, plus the fact that you can not enter a plane without identification so we had to spend several hours at the police station in order to get a police report so we could gain entrance on our airplane to go home and because of that we missed the one play I wanted to see and had already bought tickets to. Now as bad as this all was we didn't let it taint the whole trip but it was certainly a low point and it didn't help that everyones reaction to "I lost my wallet in NY" was "you were probably pickpocketed..." anyways I knew deep down that I had actually just dropped it somewhere and was not pickpocketed, especially since I kept it in my front pocket and usually had my coat buttoned up. So anyways to end the story we got back on the 30th of Dec and today is the 10th, I just got home and checked my mail and I had a parcel from New York and unbelievably it contained my missing wallet in it! And everything was included except for the cash in which case all that was left was the middle of a ten dollar bill with the ends ripped off and missing, it's insane but this has brought closure to the whole NY experience and now we have a wonderful honeymoon story to share.
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    Wow. You really got lucky. It's nice to know that world isn't completely going to hell, and that there are still acts of genuine compassion. I'm very happy to hear you got everything important back.
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    Yeah you got really lucky. I couldn't imagine traveling without some form of ID. Must have been really hard.

    On a lighter note, it makes me feel good to know that someone had the compassion to ship your wallet back to you.
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    Holy cow that is great! Random act of kindness, if you ask me.

    I guess you have good karma, as well as God's grace!
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    I hate how NYC has a bad vibe when it comes to pick-pockets and the like. Many non-New-Yorkers seem to think that NYC is swarming with theives, increadibly mean people, and just bad people in general. That certainly isn't the case.

    Sorry about everything that happened, Medea; but you are correct when you say it will make a good story to tell.

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    I remember when my mom got pick-pocketed in Amsterdam once. That place is full of pick-pocketers.
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    Related story, last summer, my family and I spent two weeks in Europe. During the last four days, we were in Rome, seeing the sites and eating dinner with some family there. We were on the bus, and someone stole my grandmother's wallet. The repercussions weren't quite the same, as she still had her passport, cash, and other very essential stuff. So after a quick call to the credit card companies, we were kind of set. Then the next day or the day after, we were leaving the Vatican museum, and some lady with a baby (probably a doll) comes up to my mother, and begs for money. My mother pushes her away, to find later that her purse/fanny pack has been unzipped. Nothing was missing, but it ruined the chances for anyone else getting any money from us. If you think about that, the "beggars" (thieves most of them I bet) in the touristy areas of Paris and Rome are much more gutsy than those in Boston and NYC. I'd rather hand money to someone faking being a wino or homeless guy than have it stolen by someone with a fake baby. :mad:
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    Before I went to NY, I wasn't sure what to expect, I knew it'd been cleaned up dramtically since the '80's but still wasn't sure if I'd be mugged at gun point at every street corner... :eek: :p

    Must say I found NY to be very clean, much, much cleaner than London, and I didn't feel unsafe, or atleast anymore unsafe than I would have done in London regardless of time of the day.
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    Yes New York definitely gets a bad rap, usually by people who have never been there. The worst part was coming off the plane and stepping foot back onto Florida.
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    Have been to NY on several occasions and absolutely love the place :)

    In all honesty I feel just as safe there as pretty much anywhere I've been. For a big city I think the crime rate is pretty impressive.

    Incidentally, for you American's visiting another country, you can be spotted a mile off!
    I'm no pick-pocket, but if I were American's would be the first victims simply due to the fact that you stand out so much.

    Fanny packs have a lot to do with it... ;)
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    I've lived in NY for 4 years now. The only bad thing that's happened is that my bike got stolen (they destroyed a huge-ass chain) when it was chained to a lamppost in the middle of the day, on a very busy corner .....that blew.

    other than that...and some other incidents here NOT related to Native new yorkers....nothing really bad has happened to me.

    It's a shame really. I wish I could have been here just 10 years ago before giuliani totally "cleaned up" or as I like to say "messed up" new york. I jsut wished I could have experienced it before it was all yuppified. oh well.

    and new yorkers know exactly who isnt a new yorker all stand out like a sore thumb...

    ...fanny packs have a lot to do with it ;)
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    I live here in NYC, and I love it. Yes, there is crime, but in general if you don't go looking for trouble, you'll be ok. As a resident, I know which areas are safe, and which ones you just don't walk through, period. If you are a tourist, make sure you stick to the brightly lit tourist areas, don't take out a wad of cash in the middle of Times Square, and don't go to into the other 4 burroughs (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island) unless you know what you're doing. It's very easy to get lost outside of Manhattan.

    As far as the cleanup/yuppiefying of NYC, well, I'll take the clean version any day over what it used to be. Commercial? Yes. But I feel much safer than when I was here visiting 12 years ago.

    And fanny packs suck.;)
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    Wow that is great Medea! You really should be more careful with your social security card. You might want to invest in a credit report watching service like Equifax offers. Just in case whoever took your money wants to take your identity.

    I heard that it was a filthy place, and it had bad smell. But I have never been there, this was my Mother-in-law and sister-in-law's impression from a couple of years ago. But New Orleans definitely has a smell. I think all big cities do.
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    That is even more true in Europe. A U.S. American adult on vacation dresses the way most countries dress their children - shorts, sneakers, and a logo t-shirt. Plus the fanny pack. Thieves will go for someone looking like that 9 times out of 10.

    When I'm in Paris or Berlin, I try to wear nice shoes and pants other than jeans (here in the US I'm a slob). I never get hassled. In Paris a tourist asked me in broken French where the local bakery was since I was carrying a loaf. I gave him my best sneer and pointed him down the street with a dismissive grunt. Just doing my part to keep the nasty reputation going!
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    I'm very happy for you. The extreme emotions of "Lost & Found" must be and will be unforgetable. Thank you for the story.

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    Actually I was mistaken for a "native" as I was often asked for directions etc, especially on the subway where one day 5 seperate people asked me for help and it's a good thing I knew what they were talking about.....

    Stelliform, yeah we had our names red-flagged right away but like I said we got our ID's and the social back so it's probably not anything to worry about now, and as far as the smell there isn't one other than all the vendors on the streets (roasted nuts, pretzels etc) and the city is actually very clean for a metropolis.
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    Boston seems to be odorless too in certain areas.

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