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LITTLEWHITEDOG out of the way

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Mr. Anderson, Mar 15, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, for now ;)

    We passed them today and Hong Kong Team is quite close for passing as well. This current push has been great!

    I've managed to get 3 machines chunking away (ones a dual, so that 4 CPUs). We should try and see if we can get some of the older members to start doing WUs again - there are a lot who haven't done anything in a long time.

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    Quite amazing, it is. It's been rare that we've taken back a spot from some team who passed us. Keeping it that way is another matter, though. It might raise their need for speed further to the point that it's an insurmountable goal.

    It's good to have this moment though!
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    Whooo Hoooo!!! Duke you beat me to the post. :) I just checked their forums and they are oddly quiet. :)

    I figure Rower gets the honor of posting the rub in your face post over there. :D He has been harassing them off and on. They are good guys. I think they are somewhat responsible, (if only a little) for the wakening of Team MacRumors.

    It looks like we have the potential of passing quite a few teams in the not so distant future!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Absolutely! That's why we should continue our push to get more people involved. At our current rate (if we keep it) we'll only be able to gain 6 or so more spots - we just aren't producing enough to go any higher.

    If we get the 970s this year, and a we have members using them, it will be interesting to see how it affects WU production.

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    Well I can only blame myself for adding to their loss of position today.

    I dumped like 30 min ago. I can imagine that I and a few others got the last WU in overcoming them. :D

    It is good that we passed them right after they passed us. For the foreseeable future we are really gonna do well. We are moving on up. Heck if this pattern continues we might be passing MacAddict team and MSU which made us look like nobodyies when they passed us eariler.

    Good Job team. Keep it up! :cool:

    Or heck even when they add the gromac core. It has altevic support and that would help alot too. :D
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    all smiles here. weve never held 35th position for this long. and weve never had higher output.

    i went over to teammacosx.org and they're not as organized as us. that gives me hope 4 the future (among mac teams). the only way we'd be able to break through 'the wall', imo, is with altivec.

    and on the library machine front, i am making progress. i'm still in the research/testing/staking/laying-low process right now.
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    You know me so well. ;)


    Great job, team! I've been really impressed byt the contributions everyone is making.

    Let's keep up the good work and go after our next goal: Storage Forum. They've been just out of reach for sooooooo long, but we've finally got the output to catch up.

    Only about 10,000 points to go...should be about 2 weeks. :D
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    WAY TO GO!!! according to statman we will reach the top team in our group by the 7th of the 6th at our current rate, and it wasn't so long ago that our output was almost horizontal on that graph and theirs was almost verticle.

    It feels great to pass Little white dog especially after their 'put out a little snack for us' whim. Great to see our Jaguar roared and the little dog wimpered away ;-)

    My second wu should be due in the next week or so, sorry I'm so slow but I'll throw in whatever the top of the line iMac is around august/september time as thats when I hope to upgrade this junk, just hope its a 1.4 ghz ppc 970 or so....Well I suggested in one of these boards for Arn to put a report of our progress as a page 2 story once a week or so and it appeared on the home page so even if my output is usless maybe i helped in some little way with the membership drive...
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    Mr. Anderson

    And now we're ahead of Hong Kong Team!!! Two teams in two days!!! That's pretty damn amazing.

    So I've not been following, but what's this alti-vec support you're talking about and when will we see it?

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    I think you know what Altevec is, unless you are a brainless clone... so.

    Currently Folding has no Altevec support, hence we get pwed by Intel and AMD chips. The altevec should get the most out of the users running G4's and (probably) the 970.

    The next core the gromac will make WU easier and faster to do.
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    Isn't the text above a little harsh, even though it definitely does not apply to dukestreet?
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    Mr. Anderson

    ah, thanks, you failed to realize that I wasn't asking what Altivec was, but what plans were in progress with getting altivec to work with folding. I've seen talk about gromac, but have no idea what it is, so I was asking - is that so hard to answer? When will we get altivec support? Is that better?

    Try to answer the questions next time and try not to be so witty. ;)

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    Yes it was blatant. Okay I'm having bad day, sit tight.

    yeah yeah okay.

    The Gromac core will add altivec support, basically the process that decodes the folding units will be improved. In other DC projects this core has already been used and it much better than the current 'tinker' core.

    The mac version is ready to go but the Pc ver is having some problems also they want other OS support, linux... etc.
    It was supposto happen winter break... then end of year... they had major glitch... so expect early spring.

    For more info.
    For more more info
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    Mr. Anderson

    So were not exactly pulling away from LWD all that fast. We've still got a lot more to go, too, if we want to get the next team.

    Has anyone contacted any of the older members who haven't done anything in months?

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    I dunno, we've got a delta of ~2000 points/week on LWD right now...should be plenty.

    MSU ACM is just barely beating our output, so they're untouchable in the meantime. StorageForum is our next definite target, and we should pass them sometime around the end of this month.

    As for former contributors...that's a toughie. We can single them out and say "Hey! Fold some more!", but I'm not sure how effective that will be.

    jello hasn't turned in a WU since the end of January...he'd be an easy target to get back up and running...
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    It seems like it was about 6 months ago when StorageForum passed us, so it would be nice to see them go the other way, even for a little while.
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    Mr. Anderson

    that was one target I was thinking of specifically.

    But the ones we should 'invite' back are the ones who did some serious output before stopping. There are several with well over 100 WU who haven't done anything since 2002.

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    Yeah, those would be good ones to go after...hmmm, smells like an F@HPG is coming. ;)

    What method of contacting them do you think would be best?
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    jello has that same dual 800 model that I have. He should be up toward the top too. There have got to be more duals than we realise.

    I left a message on the Stanford forums last night about re-compiling the core with the latest gcc to gain some extra speed. Perhaps someone will pick up on it. Apple said that gcc 3.1 generated 15 percent faster code and I know that I could use any speed boost when folding.
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    As long as we keep increasing members and computers, we will eventually overtake ACM. I know I have been looking for more power with all of those new guys outperforming me. :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I think a friendly email/pm to the individuals, explaining our current situation, appreciation for they're past support and asking if they'd consider to continue being a part of the team to help us even more. We've had some upgrades and WU point totals have gone through the roof since they were around last year, so even though they did a ton of work, with each passing day, it means less....

    Something like that.

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    hehe :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, with a new compile and altivec support, in general we'd be doing much better. Its almost as bad as being one of those whiners waiting for their new iPod....;)


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