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    I know it's 'beta', but I decided to check out the site and this is what I saw for 15 minutes...

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    It works fine for me.
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    It doesn't load up on Safari but its working well in IE(i'm on a PC).

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    yes, it doesn't work on safari or opera or camino, but did work with IE...
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    Working fine in Firefox as well.

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    It doesn't work with Safari so I won't use it. I did check it out in firefox just out of curiosity though and it looks cluttered.
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    Yeh I totally agree, it looks so ugly, and they take so long to load which is pointless.
    Goooooogle all the way.

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    It doesn't work in IE for me, but it does in Firefox. Weird...

    Anyway, what exactly is the point of this? Is Microsoft trying to overtake Google or something? The whole point of being a good search engine is to be very... stripped down, and that's exactly why I am not abandoning Google anytime soon.

    I may just be judging too quickly. I have to use it more...

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