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Live coverage

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by Buschmaster, Jan 4, 2007.

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    So how many of us will be on for this particular keynote? I'm sure I will be. This place is going to basically be unusable if certain products are released. (e.g. iPhone)
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    It will be useable. It switches over to the MacRumorsLive system, which uses a low amount of bandwidth and refreshes by itself for you. The forums are usually disabled to save bandwidth and, I would assume, to prevent 82349324908324 "LOOK WHAT WAS RELEASED" threads. :p
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    were forums disabled at WWDC? I don't recall if they were or not.
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    Ah, I guess I just forgot that the forums were disabled. ;)
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    At what time is the keynote? I probably won't be able to watch it but it would be cool to see some of it.
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    9 AM Pacific on Tuesday...you'll just get text-based updates (and hopefully some pics) here, but it's about the best you can do. Apple will post the Quicktime video a few hours after it ends.
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    I wish wish wish I could be online for the keynote.

    *shakes fist at the rest of you*
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    oh, i thought it was on monday. another day to wait :(
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    dang school on Tuesday. hmmm, maybe I should try to connect to the school's wireless with my brother's PSP.
  10. arn
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    forums will not be disabled this time around. We should be able to stay up.

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    Wow. That will be interesting to see.
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    All hands on deck?

    You'll need to delete all those: "The FIRST post about the new [insert iTV's true name here]"
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    Could you tell me what time the Keynote is in England's time please?
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    That will be nice. It's always frustrating when the forums are overloaded right after the keynote. This one's going to be big no matter what, because either everybody's going to be logging on to complain that they were disappointed, or else it really is going to be as big as it has been hyped to be, and that'll be just as bad for forum traffic.
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    It's a pity that it will start at around 3.30AM in Brisbane. Looks like I'll find out all the latest gadgets in the early morning.
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    5PM GMT.

    England is 8 hours ahead of Cupertino
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    Wow, you're lucky. No WiFi at my school (I think), and I'm deeply afraid of bringing my new Sidekick as it would likely be stolen.

    I will either have to wait until I get home or sneak into the PC lab and pretend to look something up for a report. :)
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    So does that mean we *will* be getting the
    after all?
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    I'm gonn stay up all night in excitement just like all the other steve notes then I'm gonna go to sleep and hope that the stream will run ok after I sleep and wake up again.
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    I'll probably save myself, keep away from the forums, and watch the keynote on quicktime. This way I get the max effect.

    Not saying it won't be hard keeping away from here, lol
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    This is the first chance I've had, so I'm not going to miss it. I'll be avoiding the forum(s) and waiting for the Spoiler Free© QT-delay. Who'd have thought this would be one of the benefits of being temporarily unemployed?! :)
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    I'm going for popcorn, some Cokes and beers, and 10 sites open simultaneously in Firefox with live coverage. It's that time of year again... snif! :)
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    That's so sad... I'll be doing exactly the same :D

    Will the MRChat IRC thread be up and running this time? If so could someone explain how people can download it, because I can't remember how I got mine :eek:
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    Gizmodo.com will have near-live up-to-the-minute photos of the Keynote. They're bringing a special rig with that automatically resizes and uploads pictures to the website within 30 seconds of the photographer taking them. Pretty cool.
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    Yes, it'll be running and can be downloaded from here

    You never know, we might have something similar ;)

    (although I think 30 seconds is probably pushing it for ours)

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