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Live MacWorld coverage on Bloomberg TV?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by bignumbers, Jan 9, 2007.

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    This just popped up on my Tivo (I have a standing wishlist for MacWorld):

    Today 1/9, 12:00pm EST (when the keynote starts), a program called In Focus. This is a regular program. The topic is "MacWorld kicks off." No idea what they have planned.

    Channel 353 on DirecTV.
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    is there an internet tv link for this channel? :confused:
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    http://www.bloomberg.com/tvradio/tv/ then click Launch Video Player. It's a Windows Media stream. With Flip4Mac installed I'm getting the video, but no audio.
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    Frequent CNBC coverage too (nothing confirmed)

    Steve is often interviewed on CNBC following a keynote. I don't see anything scheduled, but not sure if there would be. They have some pre-event coverage, nothing beyond the speculation we've seen elsewhere.

    CNN just mentioned MacWorld, with the buzz Steve will announce the phone. Their phrasing was also clearly speculation, don't think they have anything we haven't heard, they're probably using MacRumors as their source. :)
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    :::: sighs :::

    i miss the days when c|net used to cover it live on cable. much better to watch it on TV than in front of a 1st generation broadband connection with dropouts, etc.
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    there's always the QT stream a few hours later tho
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    i hear there are sites you can pay for to view the keynote as it happenes, is this true???:confused:

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