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Live Macworld Keynote Coverage

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Macworld Expo kicks off today with Steve Job's Keynote Speech which starts at 9am Pacific. Hundredes are lined up waiting for the event to start. MacRumors.com will provide live coverage with near real-time photos. The main site will be redirected to the coverage site when the time comes.

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    Thank You MacRumors! I don't need to go to Engadget for photos!
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    Will there be photos from the keynote itself? Or just after on the main floor...
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    Can't wait :) new iPod money is ready!
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    I cant make up my mind if I want to watch the live updates or go for a spoiler free viewing of the quicktime later today. :confused: :confused:
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    how are photos going to work? inline with the posts on macrumorslive? separate links? the past few years macrumorslive has been by far the best coverage with the fastest updates and fewest server drops. i hope the photos do not change that :)

    looking forward to it!
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    *rocks back and forth in anticipation* :)
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    I just wish I could be threre... :(
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    I'll for sure wait for the Quicktime Stream. How long does it usually take until it comes online?
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    Boy Apple sure was able to zip peoples lips this year. The WSJ leaks are probably from paramount and cingular but not even a peep from the boys at the orchard.
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    oh my god

    i'm really too excited. please release Apple iTV. Thats what I want more than anything.
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    i think you need to visit the loo my friend, before something terrible happens.. lol!!
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    Will the pics be optional on the mobile phone version of the site?
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    CES: Sandisk has a 4inch wireless-share player out now, I can't wait for something in the Apple camp to spank it.
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    The second best thing to being there.

    Wonder if there are going to be pictures from the keynote...?

    And when will the online apple store shut down :)
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    are any cable channels covering this?
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    I'm looking forward to having pictures with the reporting. I think it will add a whole new dimension to my usual "sneak peaks" at the reporting while at work :D
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    I don't think I can make it, I've been half falling asleep all day, and it's 1:15am. The keynote starts at 3, and runs 'til 5. Bugger it, sorry guys, I'm piking. I expect to wake up 8-9ish to five/six new threads, and for each of those threads to already be ~294 pages long. :D

    Here's hoping for updated MBPs! (oh, and all that iTV/iPhone stuff for you lot that care)
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    Very much looking forward to the coverage here on MacRumors. Thanks in advance to the MacRumors Staff for going to so much effort to ensure MacRumors members are going to be as informed as possible as quickly as possible. :cool:
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    hmm... I guess it is too late to go to bed now...

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    waiting - waiting - waiting - waiting - waiting - waiting - waiting - waiting -
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    I've been wating since last year for this. Last year I was still getting into macs and some guy told me about macrumors on this day last year and I couldnt get enough!!!!!

    NOW I'M READY! I've been waiting for this day for so long and today is going to be great!!!!!
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    In the news

    Huge buzz on network tv news about Macworld this morning. "What will apple release?"
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    aw dude, c'mon. the night is still a foetus...
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    That's because there is nothing ready to show.

    That's because there is nothing ready to show. :(

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