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"Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Aug 22, 2007.

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    The Register.
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    Not that I'm going to experiment but surely it doesn't just catch fire. So how could it be more than just a passing burn, unless he passed out from vodka.
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    Perhaps she threw his vodka over his junk, then set fire to it?
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    Flamin' heck. I bet that hurt!!
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    Do the Russians consider this a hate or sex crime?

    And ... I'm amused by having never heard the term "wedding tackle" before. I clicked on this thread just because I had no idea wtf that was. :eek:
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    in Soviet Russia, penis burns YOU!
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    K, I read this and I was like "WTF?!"

    then I read this:
    and now I'm like "LMAO"


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    I agree... my first thought was some sort of redneck wedding/fishing supplies. :D
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    So what? This man won't go fishing for awhile. At least his penis wasn't burnt off or anything.
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    That's definitely gonna leave a mark.

    And have you people never seen Austin Powers??

    Austin: That's fascinating, Vanessa. Listen, why don't we go into the back and shag?

    Vanessa: I beg your pardon?

    Austin: I've been frozen for thirty years, man, I want to see if my bits and pieces are still working.

    Vanessa: Excuse me?

    Austin: My wedding tackle.

    Vanessa: I'm sorry?

    Austin: My meat and two veg.
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    Father Jack

    I think the meat is slightly over done !!!! .... :eek:
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    Molotov cocktail, anyone? :eek:
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    So what? If a man committed an act of genital mutilation against a woman, it wouldn't be okay... there are all kinds of recourses for a bad marriage, even in Russia, besides acts of brutal violence.
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    Id take a little burn over a Bobbit.:p:eek:
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    Jaffa Cake

    Not the first story you've posted regarding genital injuries over the past day or two, e – is there something you're trying to tell us? ;)
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    Maybe we should ask Mrs e.:p
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    Valid Point

    That is a valid point mkishnan. I just covered domestic violence today in my classes. If the situation were reversed and it was the woman burned, no one would be joking about it. In fact, one of the things we discussed is the growing violence against men as gender roles changed. When it happens, they often have to face ridicule as well as physical pain. Fair is fair, and as you said, there are all kinds of other recourses besides violence.

    "I first learned the principles of nonviolence in my marriage." Gandhi
    (I am not sure this is an exact quote, but it captures the essense of his intentions. Besides, you are all to busy joking to notice anyway!)
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    :eek: I don't know what to say except maybe be vigilant protecting your junk.
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    It was a play on the word tackle as fishing tackle...as if abstract misunderstood...
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    mkishnan and Pani pretty much got it across for me.
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    *blush* I had no idea. Thank you for informing me of my mistake, psychofreak. Dreadfully embarrassing.

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    Sorry for being baited. ;)
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    There's certainly a powerful double-standard in place when it comes to spousal abuse (of the mental, physical or sexual kind). Very few studies have shown men to be more frequently aggressive than women, and there's a massive disparity between aquittal rates and sentencing between male and female offenders.

    One of the reasons it may not be taken as seriously is that men are more receptive to cruel and crude humour, and are more likely to find humour in a painful situation.
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    This is what I thought too....:cool:
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    I should fish out that article where the wife actually cut off his junk. I think it's in India?

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