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Living with an iMac G5 as a challenge...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Nameci, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Nameci, Apr 9, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2012

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    Life with my PowerMac dual core is kinda boring, I need a challenge.

    My PowerMac G5 is my primary desktop which is at this age of "i" core processors is outdated and many would say vintage. It has still a good life left on it.

    But for the sake of a challenge for myself I will try to live my day to day activities with just an iMac G5 1.8GHz as my primary desktop. I will find out if I can live with it.

    Shutdown on the PowerMac...
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    Farewell dear Nameci! Send a log of your travels through the land of the iMac G5.
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    Good luck! Although it's basically like setting sail on the Titanic...
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    Yes I guess, from powerful to underpowered. I will see how long will it last until I decide to get back on the G5 dual core.
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    Good luck. I know I couldn't do it. I couldn't even use a dual G5 as my primary machine. Hats off to those that do though. Interesting to see how things last before you go back to your powermac.
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    I hereby set the over/under bet at 72 hours. I'll take the under bet. :)
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    First two hours, and still doing great. Safari a bit slow, but still useable on my standard. Audio processor on the PowerMac is much better than the iMac.

    So far so good.
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    Good luck with that!
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    This is

    ...Inspiring! You should keep a log, and write an article for lowendmac.com, which has kinda gone on a PowerPC bashing editorial bent of late. I understand some people need the power of a core i5, but most of us don't.
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    Light web browsing, music on itunes, itune movies and ripped dvd's all played very well, email, word processing, Light photoshop and illustrator use. Nothing I can ask more from it.

    Here she is...

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    I should try to do this with my iMac G3 or (for an even greater challenge) I could use my iBook G3 Clamshell. :)
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    It works pretty well, as long as you stay away from YouTube. And Flash! I think YouTube is one of the main reasons people have to replace their computers so much.

    I Just tried it a month ago-- actually, I think my computer must be possessed or something because it can boot Linux easily and do the latest versions of a lot of applications without lagging. It was really choppy, but I could stream YouTube videos too, with 192 MB RAM.

    Or you could try running it from the command line for a week. :)
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    I have mactubes to view youtube videos if i want to. I don't think I need flash in my life. I don't watch porn. :D

    I want to be productive and with the uses I intended for it, the iMac is more than enough.
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    what spec is that 1.8ghz Imac G5? solid machine... I had a 1.7ghz Imac G5 that i only sold about 3 months ago. With tiger on it it was plenty quick, it had 1 gb of ram in it and did pretty much everything that ws thrown at it.

    (I wasnt using it, but it was my wifes mums daily driver :)

    what spec is yours Namci?

    and how you going so far with it?
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    1.8 GHz
    2 GB DDR RAM
    250 GB HDD
    Apple Bluetooth
    Apple Airport Extreme
    nVidia FX 5200 64MB (weak video, but supports CI)
    Wireless k/b from my powermac
    Magic mouse from my powermac
    M-Audio AV40
    Buffalo 1TB Combo interface
    On-board Ethernet (100Mbps - sucks) :D

    The only thing I miss with my powermac dual core is the speed... so far I have no problems having it as my daily driver. I don't need a 512MB QFX 4500 to view emails, am I right?

    It is tempting to put a 120GB Intel 320 in, or maybe a 1TB WD Caviar black? Whadaya thinks?
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    If you've got the money to spend, I'd say the Intel 320 would be pretty sweet. You should post before/after GeekBench scores!
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    They'd both be awesome! The Black drives are lightning fast & I highly recommend them. I've never really been an SSD person myself (I suppose I prefer capacity over speed) but wouldn't 120gb be a bit tight unless you've got a couple of externals hooked up as well?
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    I agree. But I have a 1TB Buffalo Drive Station attached to it already for all my data. A 1TB WD black caviar SATA II would be cheaper than the SSD.
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    not sure if 120GB is tight.. i use a 60gb ssd boot drive on my MP. works great, i have my home directory/apps folder on a WB black and the systems just flies.

    id say 120gb would hoot on a G5. that said, i am sure that G5 bus wouldent be able to saturate that SSD anyhows. :)

    120 gigs is massive for me, both my Macbook and Macbook pro have drives that are 120gb and thats plenty of space for me. :) depends on your usage i guess and if you have NAT storage or not.
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    A 120GB SSD is more than enough for a daily driver assortment of emails, web browsing, casual light PS and AI work. All my data are on external and backed up all the time. It is a practise I have learnt over the years. Never trust the internals to do the job of storing sensitive and valuable data.
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    I'd put the SSD in there it should be interesting.
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    Is there somebody here that have tried it? On a SATA I the Intel 320 is enough, I have it in my macbook and it was a huge improvement over the 5400rpm drive that came with it.
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    I have/had a SATA 3 on my G5..
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    No G5 has SATA II with the built in SATA ports. The only way to get it is with an expansion card in the PowerMac G5.
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    My wife has a imac G5 2ghz like that one she uses as her teacher machine at her preschool. Still trucks along great.


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