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Lloyds testing Mac-friendly online banking system in the UK

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Whoop-de-doo! I use two UK online banking systems (Bank of Scotland and Nationwide) both of which appear to be quite happy with Safari and my Mac so not entirely sure why this is being hyped.
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    Online banking has traditionally been a problem area if you're not using IE and Windows, though I think this test has come a bit late. Things have changed for the better in the last years.
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    maybe they want to appease Apple users. When Apple starts being used within the banking systems worldwide then I will really get excited. I thought it was interesting it got a mention.
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    Ill get reaally excited when banks start making a special mention in the security pages regarding Macs not being prone to spyware and keylogger programmes. ;)
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    I've been using NatWest OnLine Banking (the curiously named NWOLB...) for about a year. At the beginning I had to use firefox to log in, but in the last 3 or 4 months they've added Safari support.

    Which is nice :)
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    Barclays on-line banking has worked for me in Safari with no issues for well over a year.
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    To complete the set - I've been using HSBC online banking with Safari for a while now. There were a few issues a couple of years ago, but these disappeared quickly and the service works perfectly now.
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    Not quite... :)

    Abbey's online banking works fine for me as well, despite the occasional pop-up advising me to 'upgrade' my browser. :rolleyes:

    A colleague's partner has a similar device to the one discussed here for accessing her company's financial database as she works from home and on the road quite often.
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    My online banking works in Safari, and even worked in the Mozilla betas back in 2001 :eek:
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    Slow news day. Thanks MacBytes.
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    Most work for me too .. apart from Egg money manager which is annoying.

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    My bank is Mac friendly for online banking. Although they don't support the latest update of Safari. So if I want to use Bill Pay, I need to use Netscape. Hoping that it will only be temporary.

    I do think that increased security is important. Currently us a password and pin. The idea of the constantly changing password would be even better. Saw an article that the Fed is pushing for this change.
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    Bank of America works fine in Safari.

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