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Location Service On Waking Up Screen

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by MJedi, Sep 23, 2013.

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    Hello all,

    What service or app is turning on location whenever I wake up the screen? Every time I wake the screen up, whether it's been 1 second or 1 hour after the screen is off, I see the location service icon in the menu. This means something is using the service.

    I figure that's just one other thing that's draining the battery needlessly, and so I want to disable that service or app if that's possible.

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    go to settings > privacy > location services. Look for a purple arrow next to an app. That's what is currently using your location. If not there, check system services. It's most likey weather.
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    I have also noticed that the location services indicator in the status bar is almost always on. If you go to Location Services (under Privacy), you can see which service used it recently.

    In my case, it's Wi-Fi Networking and Frequent Locations. I want to see how bad it gets (in terms of battery life) before disabling those two.
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    I have frequent locations turned off. That one is a geo-fence I think and only good for populating the traffic section of notifications.

    The Wifi networking one I'm not really sure about but I have that off as well.

    More info here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5594?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
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    I have checked the Location Services before, and disabled several items that might do it, but location was still turning on at wake up.

    But your post gave me an idea. I went to the location services pane, then locked my phone. I woke up the screen and unlocked the phone, so that it would immediately take me to location services. And I found the culprit: PASSBOOK! I disabled it, and location does not turn on at wake up.

    Now why would Passbook need location when the screen turns on? :confused:

    So if you're wondering why location is turning on as soon as you wake up your iPhone, it's Passbook doing it.
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    Ya, mine has been Passbook so I force quit out of it.
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    When I'm close to Starbucks the passbook app opens my Starbucks Card up.
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    Ah, I guess that's convenient. But if my iPhone is dead because the location keeps turning on, then it's useless. :p
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    It's also checking to update the weather in case you pull down notification bar
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    In this instance, I noticed location only turns on if I pull down the notification pane.
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    when i first got ios 7, i found out it was weather that was doing it. i have all other things disabled and after going into the location services, it was weather that was checking for updates.

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