Logic 6 for Mac OS X, 9 only

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Jan 16, 2003.

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    Probably because Apple bought eMagic.
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    What a great application.

    Just love that thing.
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    Re: Logic 6 for Mac OS X, 9 only

    Why is it that everybody seems to think that the company is called eMagic. Is it because of the eBussiness, eCommerce and the eEverythingElseTheseDays.

    The company is named Emagic. With just a normal capital E. And I am sure the name has nothing to do with the internet hype, because the company already existed before that went out of control and everything was eWhatevered.

    Just had to correct this, as a long time computer musicmaker.

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    I'm so happy! The new Arrange Channel Strip is a welcome addition, as is the new Channel EQ plugin. Time-stretching and grouping features have been missing the part for too long, and are more than ready to rock my world.

    For those interested in recording/sequencing (a thread was running a week ago) this is it.

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    I don't use Logic or any music program for OS X but was wondering why Apple didn't absorbe Emagic? Why did they keep it simply as a subsidiary. I assume that Apple's name and logo are not on the package. I know they did something similar with Shake. It just seems to me that it would be better for them to market it as an Apple product. That way...their "whole solution" concept seems more visable.
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    I just bought Logic Platinum 5.5!

    Boy, that was fast. They just released a OS X version of Logic Platinum (5.5) not even 3 months ago - I hope I get a free upgrade (yeah, right).

    Anyway, I have to admit, I have never been SO CLUELESS about how a program works like I am with Logic. I managed to figure out how to play my Midi keyboard thru a built-in Audio Instrument in Logic, and I was able to import some Midi sequences I had from way back, but I am totally overwhelmed by this app.

    Does anyone know how I can get some help with the mountainous learning curve of Logic? I have the manual (Chinese to me), I even have a tutorial video they sent me, but I still can't seem to get a handle on it. There used to be a Mars Music near me that would hold clinics on it, but they went bankrupt and now that I own the program, there are no more clinics! HELP! PLEASE! Thanks.
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    Learning Logic

    Check out the Logic Forum at www.sonikmatter.com. Read your manual no less than 3 times cover to cover. Join the Logic-users group on yahoogroups.com. Immerse yourself in the world of Logic. Let it creep into your dreams. Soon you will be one with Logic...


    Man, I'm pumped for v6! :D Beenw itht he app since v4, and it has progressed so much, it's not funny. Logic Control kicks some booty, too!
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    Now were talking! With Emagic's resources now devoted exclusively to the Mac...and probably before too long only to OS X...this application is going to evolve at a rapid pace. Who would have thought 6.0 would be coming out so soon after they released 5.0? And with so many new features and performance improvements too boot.
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    Re: Re: Logic 6 for Mac OS X, 9 only

    Thank you, finally. :)
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    Compatible with OS 9.x and OSX

    What's with making it compatible with OS 9.x? If Steve Jobs is so concerned with OS9 being dead and buried in a coffin, why still have products coming out of Apple owned interests work with that OS? I thought Steve wanted everyone to migrate to OSX. Won't this slow down potential migration? ...just a thought...:confused:
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    The best news of all is that they're offering the FULL line of Logic for osX now! Not just that platinum nonsense, we get our choice between all three! A week ago there was nothing available for osX.. now we've got this and DigitalPerformerX! Choices eh?
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    Are you sure about DP? Supposedly, MOTU was only going to be showing a pre-release version of DPX at NAMM. And I haven't yet seen any mention that they revealed any information about it today.

    For that matter, MOTU still doesn't have all of its audio drivers up to speed on OS X. I think they're going to need to address that in advance of officially releasing DPX.
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    True that the audio drivers aren't all up to date but the firewire based 828 and 896 do now have full osX drivers. The newer highdef products I believe are shipping with osX drivers already, which leaves only the PCI systems.. one driver should effectively cover that card.

    Again you are correct, according to the MOTU site, DPX was going to be previewed this week at NAMM. I haven't seen it yet, but from what I gathered from the site its there. We will not see copies of Logic in stores till February by that time I'm sure we'll know the short term future of DPX. So I have to ask myself, DPX or Logic to compliment that 17" Powerbook? :eek:
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    Yes, the 896 and 828 OS X drivers are finally available, and for the most part perform quite well. Unfortunately, they still lack some of the functionality of their ASIO counterparts. I use an 896 with Logic, and was about to give up on MOTU after nearly 7 months of waiting for them get their act together with regard to OS X driver compatibility.

    Now however, they seem to be exhibiting the same slovenly pace with regard to the OS X PCI drivers. Neither the PCI-324 nor the new PCI-424 audio interfaces will currently function natively in OS X. I was actually giving serious thought to upgrading to one of the new 24 I/O units ever since MOTU released information about it. But I refuse to give any more of my money to a company that seems to be so far off the mark when it comes to their OS X priorities. Or perhaps I should say their OS X capabilities!

    It's really pretty embarrassing for a company with MOTU's pedigree on the Mac to be so far behind so many other developers when it comes to OS X. They're kind of like the Quark of DAW's. Even Digidesign beat them to the OS X finish line with Pro Tools. Were I in your position at this point...considering either DP or Logic...I'd certainly be weighing that fact very heavily! Given Emagic's ties to Apple, I hardly think there's any doubt as to which application is likely to evolve and improve more rapidly.
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    The BEST thing about Logic 6...

    DV output through a firewire port!!! How cool is that? (Can you tell I'm primarily a video editor?) Before, if you wanted to do sound for picture, you could view a tiny quicktime movie on your screen, or you could slave your DAW to a video deck using a time code of some sort. What a hassle. Now you can just plug a firewire into a DV video converter and then plug it's composite or component video outs into a 50" HDTV. :) Oh Yeah, Baby!
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    AU plugins

    Did anybody notice how many AU plugins got announced today at NAMM? Unfortunately, no word on AU versions of some older NI plugins, such as Absynth, Battery, etc.
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    RE: AU plugins

    NI announced AU versions of Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session.

    Traktor seems to be ready for OS X, but I could find no info on AU, so it must be VST.

    They also released Vokator, a vocoder plug, Intakt, a Rhythm/groove plug, and another sampler plug called Kompakt at NAMM, but I could't find info on AU availability for these.

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