LOGIC 8 Studio (Academic pricing?)

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by MowingDevil, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Hey there, I ordered Logic Studio direct from Apple, since I qualified for the academic pricing I went that route....then when it arrives I notice it says 'not eligible for upgrades' wtf is that all about? Does that mean when Logic 9 comes out anyone who got academic pricing can't upgrade and has to buy the whole thing again??? If so, thats really REALLY lame because it only saves $50 off the pricetag. If I had known that I would have just paid the extra $50 so I'm not stuck in 8 years down the road. Not happy about this whatsoever, it should have been more clear upon purchase.

    Why have an academic benefit and then nickel & dime people for it? If it was 50% off I can understand that, but $50? c'mon. :mad: weak
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    The bookstores have the same program at $150. It is the same as the one you are buying, no upgrade, but everything in there. Even the huge manuals.
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    you only got $50 off on academic discount???:confused: thats weird! cause in UK Logic 8 cost about £300, but with student discount you get it for £120
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    K, now I'm a little pissed to be honest. Those are real academic discounts, what the heck is $50 off? Well I guess its too late now, might be worth a call to Apple about it though. :mad:
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    There are 2 levels of Edu discount, the standard one you can get from the website and the store, and is pretty poor. The better Edu discount is gained from your college and can usually only be accessed via the College's network access to the HE Education site.

    Logic 8 is £118 from the HE site, and is a non-upgradeable version, however our students are advised to buy it at the start of their studies and update it just before they leave, that way they get 4 or 5 years of Logic support for much less outlay.

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