Logic 9 can't handle more than 2GB RAM on a 12GB MAC PRO

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by seisend, Jan 6, 2010.

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    As we know, logic runs still in 32bit and it can use maximal 4GB of ram in a Logic Project. But I get all the time when I have around 1.9GB of RAM use an error message:

    Memory is getting low:

    You can still continue to work, but try to avoid adding plug-ins. If possible, remove any unused plug-ins


    When I hit the 2GB of ramspace, logic quits !

    Why is that, does anyone know ? Shouldn't I be able to use up to 4gb ram ??

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    It seems to be a common complaint, although oddly, I have not had this happen yet. I run it on an 07 iMac with 4gb ram.
    It does quit a hell of a lot though, which is infuriating. But I've never had that memory low error/message yet :confused:
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    Do you use logic 9 ?

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