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Logitech Introduces Mac Support for New Gaming Mice and Keyboards

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Last month, Logitech launched its G series of gaming keyboards and mice. The devices feature numerous programmable buttons, custom color backlighting, and other features designed for MMORPG players.

    The company has now announced that its Logitech Gaming Software is now available on OS X.

    The top of the line models are the $100 G700s Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse and the $200 G19s LCD Gaming Keyboard.
    The G19s keyboard, for example, includes an LCD screen to monitor game statistics, custom-color backlighting for keys, and a number of custom programmable keys. The G700s mouse runs over a wireless connection, but can recharge batteries and continue working at the same time, with a number of programmable thumb controls on the side, and more.

    Both are available from Logitech's online store and elsewhere.

    Article Link: Logitech Introduces Mac Support for New Gaming Mice and Keyboards
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    Last time I had a Logitech device their mac drivers were just terrible, I'll rather go with Razer products.
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    As an owner of one of these mice, this is pretty good news.
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    This was actually released a few weeks ago, not sure why it took Logitech this long to write about it. Been using it with my MX518 without issue. It's nice to have the forward/back buttons work.
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    All my mice are Logitech and I think they're the best/smoothest on the market
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    I hope they’ll add support for my G35 too. It sucks to only have Stereo Sound on OS X.

    Yeah, my Mamba is so well supported by Razer… I can’t even reassign function buttons.
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    That keyboard looks hideous.
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    The proper pointer device for using a Mac is a trackpad. I love my three and four finger gestures. It's downright fun to use (without even launching a game.)

    I've tried these complicated mice - they suck.

    I've never felt a need to have additional buttons on my keyboard... Why would I? In game the controls can all be mapped to the 60+ keys already on a standard keyboard.
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    In my opinion, a trackpad can't compare to a mouse in games where you control the camera, such as Left 4 Dead 2 or even World of Warcraft.
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    And now we have the 3 biggest players on Mac
    Razer, Saitek (Cyborg) and finally Logitech!
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    I had the original g15 keyboard. I never did use the macro keys for games, but they were great for everything else. I mostly used them for programming, and launching programs and documents that I used a lot. The LCD is useless bling though, really pointless.
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    If only they would release drivers for their range of wheels like the G27.
    It's crazy having to hack in the old SL force feedback kext for racing games.
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    Multi-button mice are great for FPS and MMORPG games because you often need quick reflexes and for that a few extra dedicated buttons are very handy.

    Keyboards however...eh... There really isn't much to gain. After customizing maybe 15-20 keys (not counting arrow keys if the game needs it) it becomes such a burden to even remember where things are that it slows you down. The Function keys (F1-F12) work great for things already on the interface (a handful of spell buttons laid out in sets of 4 like the keys are) and make it possible to keep maybe 30 buttons on the keyboard and 5-10 on the mouse (I can't stand more than 5 myself). It's possible that not a lot of people like mapping character keys, they would probably welcome the addition as feeling (ironically) less cluttered... But I agree, I don't get the appeal.

    Disclaimer: I haven't really played anything relevant to this discussion other than Baldur's Gate in at least 4 years.
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    It's nice to finally see some official support for my original G9. Now all my buttons and DPI settings work in OS X. Thank you Logitech!
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    The market is moving towards mechanical keyboards so it's fairly pointless releasing a new line.
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    this product defines fugly imo
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    I played through the entire Orange Box + Portal 2 without issue using my magic trackpad. I actually feel like the camera in Lugaru is meant to be controlled with a trackpad.

    I've used numerous mice, the Magic Mouse included, and... what are the ball on top guys called... trackballs or something like that... and the current Apple trackpads (built in on MacBooks / Magic Trackpad for desktops) beats them by far, both in looking nice and providing an amazing amount of controls.
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    now introduce some games
  19. JAT
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    Whoa, really? Got some backup for that? Very interesting comment.
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    does anyone think they will come out with mac versions of the keyboard? or maybe some keys we could order?
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    Now, if only they came in white...
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    Took them 3 years to release this for the G700...
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    I would like a wired keyboard made of wood with Apple keys.
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    Yeah I find that Mac trackpads are actually more comfortable and precise than mice, for normal operating system things (like browsing the web and everything). But for most gaming, a mouse is absolutely necessary (like for any first person shooter). For things like Photoshop, I use a Wacom tablet, which means I have 3 pointing devices: Trackpad for most things, mouse for gaming, and Wacom for Photoshop. The good thing is that since I only use a mouse for certain things, I don't need it to look good or last long, so I can get one of these ugly but good Logitech mice :D
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    As someone who's tired of unreliable mice (Steelseries Sensei: mouse pointer randomly slows way down in both Windows and OS X, Razor Death Adder or something: Mouse pointer moves on it's own in random directions at random times in Windows and OS X), I'm looking forward to trying the G400 I've had in my drawer for a while.

    I never had issues with Logitech before.

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