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Logo and Shirt Design

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by panoz7, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this logo and shirt.

    I'm helping out a friend. It's for Heels 2 Heaven which is a contemporary christian musical group (I think that's the best way to describe it) that my friend sings for. They're having some sort of t-shirt design contest and she gave me some of her potential designs. They were made in paint, need I say more?

    I decided to start from scratch. They've never had a real logo. On past shirts they have abbreviated their name to H2H so that's where I started.

    Just for some background, she attends UNC Chapel Hill. If you're not familiar with college basketball, the school colors are sky blue and white, and the school symbol is a tarheel.

    What do you guys think?



    One last thing: These are just drafts, so more technical details like the quality of the logo (I used a tarheel logo she sent me) and the centering on the shirts will be fixed.
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    I like the logo.

    Personally, I like the first shirt (upper left) the most -- I'm not particularly fond of the way the logo is "tilted" on the others.
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    Why not use the logo, but on a black shirt? I like shirt design #2 (top right), try putting the logo above the text, and bring it all down a little bit. Try the logo straight up and down too.

    Otherwise, it looks quite good.
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    All that text is way to small. The only way you'll be able to read the text is if you stood right in that persons face. I would work on that, but other then that I'm diggin' your logo.
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    Thanks for the quick replies guys! I'm glad to hear that the logo looks good. That was most of my concern.

    The shirt has to be brown. Last year's shirt was black and they apparently want want a change. The front of the shirt is just going to have a small logo (maybe 2" high?) on the left side. The back has to have the text UNC Chapel Hill, Heels 2 Heaven, and a bible verse.

    Right now the larger text is the UNC-CH and Heels 2 Heaven, and the smaller text is the bible verse. I don't think it needs to be legible from far away... I have a feeling they want it there just for the sake of being there.

    The tilted logo was just to make it look different. Different for the sake of being different probably isn't a good idea, so I'll straighten it out.

    Thanks again... and keep the comments coming.

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