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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by ezekielrage_99, Oct 31, 2007.

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    I've just been redesigning a logo and would like some feedback. Cheers :apple:
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    I like it. Personally, I like the text on the bottom one better. I just like lowercase type better than all CAPS. I don't care so much for the purple color of the logo, but I love the reflective surface that it has. I also like the reflection on the ground plane in the top one. Looks pretty awesome though.
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    Both colour schemes work well, the lower case font type is much more pleasing to the eye, but I'd suggest making the cloud look slightly more cloud-like, it looks a bit like a half-eaten sandwich IMO :)
    Oh and the reflection on the bottom one is much nicer!
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    Thanks for the feedback, with the text I've gone for 2 look all caps and all lower case (the consensus from where I am) is that the lower case is a winner.

    Cheers :apple:
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    I get that the cloud has another cloud on top blocking part of it, but I agree with Brianstorm91 that it is sandwich-like...
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    Never seen a sandwich that is lumpy on one side and sitting in front of the sun. I never even considered it "sandwich" like and still don't really see how it looks like one. I think it looks fine.
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    Apple has a bite taken out of their logo, but I can put the "bite" back in the Weatherzone one.

    And thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated :D
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    I think these look great. I also like the text on the bottom logo over the text on the top logo but check your kerning between the "r" and "z" in weather_zone, it looks a little tight.
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    I like the logo of the top one and the text of the bottom one. I think that would look really good together.
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    I like the bottom logo hands down. Very nice!
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    The cloud looks more like a turd than a sandwich. Kinda like Mr Hanky leaning over. Though mostly it just looks like a cloud.

    As much as glossy is in the thing at the moment I'd tone the gloss down a wee bit or make it less of a harsh highlight. Having such a distinctive highlight on what is a quite complex shape is a bit more jarring than having the same highlight on a round orb or simple shape.
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    1. I like all lower case.
    2. The purple isn't great. Could you use 2 colors? A yellow or orange for the sun or maybe red, and a different color for the clouds?
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    Both look great, but the bottom one would look better if you toned down the bevel a little.
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    The shapes and type are nice. Can we see it without the gratuitous effects? They aren't helping.

    Edit- oh right, they're in the bottom corner. That relationship is nice as well. I far prefer the un-effected versions over the ones with the shadows, reflections, gloss, glass, highlights, inner shadows, etc.
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    I think you should add a little more reflection of the letters on the bottom one like the top one has.

    I like the purple color too and the variation in the black background.

    Me gusta mucho!:)
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    Hi guys, thank you for the awesome feedback, it's appreciated :D

    Basically the idea behind the effects on the logo is to define each weatherzone product line (we have plenty), so the SMS service will have the same basic layout but a different effect like the web, TV and other services.

    I am currently working on the the icon itself, I'm trying to stylise the sun/cloud a little more

    Here's some other variation
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    I really like the two on the bottom. :)
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    how about one with some rain drops coming out of the clouds
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    very nice, it's really hard for me to decide which one is best but I think I like the bottom two the best. Overall very nice work.
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    I think it looks much nicer with two clouds, I'd defiantly go for that one. The glossy highlight seems to sit better on the two cloud version as well. So yeah, two clouds definitely gets my vote.

    It also looks nice both with one colour and with a different colour for the sun and the cloud.
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    I like this one. It features all the best ideas from your original concept. And the color choice is much better.

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    I agree with vicious7, the last one is definitely the best. :)
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    Another vote for the bottom one of the three...especially the top half, something about it works better.

    Cheers, Colin.
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    i disagree. I think it works better with the single cloud. The two color thing is alright...but i loved the single cloud being eclipsed by the shadow of another cloud. it made it more cloud like that everyone was seeing different things in it. Some people thought it was a sandwich, some thought it was Mr. Hanky, i thought it was an aligator...just like people see in real clouds. Also, from a design standpoint, it worked really well with the offset type arrangement (like in the bottom corners). Actually, that worked so well, i would perrsonally only use it like that. But that is just my opinion.

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