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Logo feedback

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by the-hen, Apr 11, 2006.

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    I'm designing this logo for a client in property investment and development. He has basically settled on this logo (these colours and style) but I would like a bit of feedback on it please.

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    I ran a graphic design firm back in college with my Mac LCII. Looooong time ago. :)

    I like it, but it seems very familiar. You may want to do a search for similar logos. If I were messing around with it, I would try making a small upside-down triangular section (at the top of the red inlay) black in color. Make the length of the left vertice (sic?) equal to the width of the right stem of the "V." That would simulate the "dot" in a lower-case "i" yet fit with your angular design.

    Good job, though. Clean and modern.
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    I like it... the only thing I'd say is that the colours are too predictable. Everything is red, black and white. But, if that's what the client wants, use it. It doesn't ruin the design, I just don't think it adds anything to it either.

    Nice work.
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    The diagonal line bugs me. It's so wide, and the placement makes the red triangle appear misaligned. (part of that is the narrow left vertical.)
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    meh it's not bad, I've certainly seen worse. (heck I've designed worse myself). But as other said it's rather generic. But if the clients happy that's all that really matters.
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    I would even up the spaces between the letters and shapes. They aren't the same and it kind of bothers me that they aren't. Either make them exactly the same or drastically different. Other than that, i think it looks good.
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    Thanks all...

    It's not stunning, but with the feedback I'm encouraged that it should work pretty effectively.

    I went though so many design options working on this logo, with no guidance from the client. In the end he reverted to an early (and quite plain) option and then we tweaked it a little.

    It is about small adjustments at this stage since client is happy with it. I think sorting out consistent spacing between the shapes will help. The colours ARE very predictable, but anyway.
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    It reminds me a lot of this logo.
    View attachment 44925

    But that doesn't really matter. Like you've said it's quite plain and conservative but if that's what the client wants and they're happy with it there shouldn't be a problem.
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    As others suggested, maybe even out the spacing between the letters. Otherwise, looks good. :cool:
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    i like it. clean, simple, effective.

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