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Logo Please Critique - Capin Crouse

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by macgfxdesigner, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Logo roughs, Font: Custom

    The client wanted a worldly theme, they are a financial company for churches, missions, organizations around the world.

    Comments welcomed, Thank you
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    Nice work and nice type. Maybe the PIN in Capin is a little tightly kerned...

    Prefer 2nd one down, right hand column.
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    I agree with Blue Velvet. The space in PIN is a bit too tight. I realize it is sprobably the same as PAN, but the area around the top of the A throws it off. Overall, though, it looks really good. The color choice is good as well. It stands out, but it doesn't punch you in the face. :D
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    I like this variation myself ... looks 'churchy'. The Kerning in OUSE may be a bit much; this may actually make PINs tight kern look normal? Maybe BV's comment is a better option.

    Nice font. :)

    peace | neut

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    Thank you...

    I am working on the kerning of PIN later today, will have a new variation up later, Thank you for all your comments and critiques, highly appreciated :)
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    I like top right.
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    i prefer 2nd row down on the right
    the circle resembles a globe and that ties in with their company type
    the blue also represents the sea and ties in with the world some more
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    fixed the PIN

    the kerning has been fixed on the PIN, looks much better thank you all
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    Can you make the bottom right one in blue? I like the positioning of the Cs a bit more in that one than in the one above...
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    I actually liked the second one in the left column best.

    There's something about the simplicity of that one that really hits a spot with me... and then I'm a sucker for anything grey... ;)

    Can you upload them again with the new kerning, please? It would be nice to see them the way they look now... :)
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    The new ones are up :)
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    Ok, still think the P and the I is a bit close, but - on the other hand - that might be what works best...

    Still like the simple, square grey one... :)
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    2nd down, right of those but i like the c's of the 1st on the right.

    an unfortunate name which i read as

    Crappin' House.

    honestly, but that's just me.
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    I'm not a fan of the typeface and the colors along with the name make me think it's a logo for a cruise ship line.

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