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London Kashmir Klub

Discussion in 'Community' started by mrjamin, May 17, 2003.

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    Any of you guys heard of the awesome kashmir klub in london?

    They're open 6 nights a week, free to get in, and they showcase 3/4 acoustic acts every night. Anyway - they've been going a long time and recently got the bad news that they were being forced to shut down. Tonight is the very last night where they've got 40 acts appearing!! The club has got quite a reputation for what they do - they've had a few big names play there aswell, supposed to be a few appearing tonight!

    Anyway, i'm going - any londoners should get down there; nottingham place, just down the road from baker street tube station. Check it out http://kashmirklub.com

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    followup: kashmir klub do quicktime streaming from 9pm BST - visit the kashmir klub site!! Check it out - u'll be sure to see some amazing acts
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    What is the reason that they are closing down?
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    Landlord of the property wants to use it for something else. Was an amazing night - just got back. Rick Astley was there and performed "Never gonna give you up" acoustic - first time he's played it in years apparently!! Kashmir surely is an amazing club, i'll miss it.

    Have you heard of Cathy Burton? I work for her - she's a bit of a regular there. Was playing 2nite

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