London, UK: stolen Macbook Air 11" (mid-2011)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hwojtek, Dec 7, 2011.

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    just dropped in to say my last purchase, a mid-2011 11" Macbook Air (A1370, 4GB/128GB SSD) has been stolen 3 days ago from me, while I went to the Notting Hill fair. Serial number was C02GLLXZDJYD.
    I've locked it up with Find My Mac, however it seems it hasn't been connected to the Internet since, as it cannot be located. It should display my mobile number, if turned on, however.
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    Great. Tell the police.
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    break your window, turn your place upside down, call the police, call the insurance and send them the invoice.
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    I've called Batman.
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    Thought he works out of Gotham not the UK so the OP would be SOL.

    Anyway it's a matter for the Police & your homeowners insurance.
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    How did it get stolen, did someone grab it off you? Or did you leave it unattended at notting hill fair?
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    Interested in knowing how the theft happened.
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    truly hope whoever stole it dies... and hope you get your mac back
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    good luck, hope it works out in your favor :)
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    As most of you have suspected, I've reported to the police. They didn't give me a lot of hope. Also called Batman, but he was too busy with Brits' younger cousins.
    Insurance won't do anything, as I've had the computer with myself and was robbed of it. The Air has been nicked while I was getting ahold of an item I've bought. I've had to move my bag on my back in order to reach for my stuff and the change. This was the only moment I've had it somewhere else than in front of me. And surprisingly, when I wanted to put whatever I've bought inside, the bag was already open.
    Actually I've posted only to make sure the serial number of this computer will stay in the Internet forever, marked as "stolen". Thank you for all your warm responses.
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    Oh man thats sad! Oh well you still got 19 more to go right? ;)
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    Do this (I know you already have).

    Then make sure they know who this fraudster is:

    Shakes head.
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    Was this the Notting Hill Carnival that takes place over the August bank holiday weekend (last weekend in August), or the lesser known Notting Hill Ice Fair that happens in early December?
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    if it was notting hill carnival, he would be literally crazy to bring a macbook there, it's carnage.
  16. hwojtek, Dec 7, 2011
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    I just bought another Air (same specs) today. I got only 3 portables anyway :)
    Happened on Dec 4th, so it could be the Notting Hill Ice Fair. Have no idea, my GF dragged me there to buy something and do photos...
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    Will be the ice fair then
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    Update: the computer popped up on Find My Mac somewhere in Chelsea. The Met Police is after it.
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    Nice I hope they catch the culprit.
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    I wouldn't get your hopes up.

    I was burgled by an ex tenant. I told the law who pinched my stuff, when they did it and how. Eventually I got my xbox 360 back (because I went round all the 2nd hand shops till I found it, despite that being the rozzers job) and stood in the shop whilst ringing the police so the police confiscated it and compared it with the s/n I had previously given them. The thief got away scot free. SOmeone I knew stole an item from my house I did the same thing as before and found the article in game. I got the item back. the thief got away scot free.
    I doubt the police will exert themselves for someone who isn't english.Our police simply don't care about thieves, they would rather persecute people for having a harmless spliff.
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    Do you mean the police wouldn't exert themselves for you (if you aren't English), or for a thief who isn't English? :confused:

    hwojtek, I hope you get your Air back. Good idea posting this thread just in the off-chance Google finds it in a S/N search. It would be nice to know that current technology can be utilised properly in aiding recovery. At least that's what I'm hope everytime I activate "Find my iPhone" on an iOS device...
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    Best of luck! Keep us posted!
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    I hope that you had File Vault 2 turned on. Actually... I wish Apple would have it turned on by default. It is the very first thing that I do when I set up a new computer.

    It is one thing to lose a $1K computer... but it is much worse if you become a victim of identity theft... which for most of us would be significantly more costly than losing a computer. I suspect that having access to just about any unencrypted laptop is enough to easily perform identity theft... even if it is just provides access to your downloaded email.

    Good luck to you, and I also hope you get it back.

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    hwojtek, I'd love to hear an update on how the police are responding to the Find My Mac tracking.

    I was jumped and had my iPhone stolen about an hour ago, NW London. Phoned the police but was told there was nothing they could do in the way of Find My Phone and I should contact my service provider?! Oh sorry, I forgot the networks had their own dedicated police force...

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