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London, White City

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by steviem, May 25, 2010.

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    Is anyone going to the White City/Westfield Centre Apple Store on Launch day?

    I'm seriously considering it if I can get an early enough train. (fortunately I start work later than usual on Fridays.)
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    I'm considering it as an option over Regent Street.
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    Might pop in on the way to work...
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    so i'll expect the westfield centre to be empty ;)
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    I am there ATM. They say people can start queing at midnight, they will open the mall so that people can be inside, the apple store will open at 8 am.
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    Customer Service

    I visited the Apple Store in Westfield White City yesterday (5th August 2010) to find out about and purchase an ipad. Once I had found an assistant to help me (the very excellent Dan), I was happy but my initial experience on entering the store was not a happy one. There were a number of people milling around but it was not overly crowded. Despite that, I was left for a while to stand aimlessly. After a few minutes a very bright and breezy female assistant approached me and helped with a technical query I had concerning my iphone. I then asked about ipads and she promised to find an assistant for me. She found Dan who was already serving a customer. Unfortunately he then disappeared. I waited....and waited....and waited and eventually had to make what I can only describe as a "public announcement" to all and sundry that I'd appreciate some help and that "I don't bite" :)

    By this time I was pretty annoyed.

    Eventually Dan helped me - he was really excellent and as a result I purchased a 32MB ipad which I am finding really great!
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    32mb is pretty small storage space :p

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