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Long Shuffle Shipping!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by davtomcol, Nov 15, 2006.

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    So I ordered a $29 refurb Shuffle the other day. I didn't realize how long until the ship date -- 10-15 days! So it is scheduled to ship out by Nov. 28th. Do you think that it will ship earlier than this? I'd love to have my shuffle before I fly home for thanksgiving, but I don't know if it will happen...guess I will have to take my 3G.
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    Sorry to told you that, but I bought the same one as you on november 2 and it was shedule for the 14 nov. Guest what.....i'm still waiting for it.
    It's not just terribly long, but also late.:mad:

    I hope to see it in my hands one day!!!!
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    Glad y'all were lucky enough to get in on this...I missed out by a day or two. Good luck waiting!
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    Me too. Well, it will be nice when I finally get it. I never thought I would want one, but the ol' 3G is too heavy to have jogging. I noticed that you already put it in your signature. ;)
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    Great NEWS!!!

    It arrived this morning :p and it was ship to my country house...so this could explain the late delivery.

    So don't loose your hope!!! You might be lucky!!

    And Yeah it was already in my Signature. I don't know if this was a good thing. In french we have an expression that says : Do not sell the furr before killing the bear!! According to that, I sold the furr too early!!:rolleyes:

    BTW, the shuffle is not in the original box, but I can tell that it is brand new, with all the accesories. For 29$ I feel like a thief. ^___^
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    Did the apple website ever notify you of it shipping?
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    If you are reffering about the country house, it's my mistake. Sometimes I'm using this adress for shipping.

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