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iPad Longer length working Lightning cable?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by OhioLefty, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Where can I purchase a longer length working Lightning cable (if it exists)? The cable that came with my iPad 4 is just not long enough for me. Are there any reputable (working) 3rd party vendors selling 6ft or 10ft cables with the authentication chip?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Have you ruled out a simpler, cheaper, USB extension cable?

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    I'm absolutely convinced people in this situation just don't know about USB extension cords or how they work.

    They also cost 2-3 bucks and can turn it into a 10ft cable when NEEDED and revert back to short when not.

    It's actually BETTER in almost every respect (you can even buy a white one lol...).
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    Beware that I have came across a few USB extension cables that would work fine for everything else but the iPad would say not charging even when using the 10W adapter. I am aware that the iPad was still charging but at a lower rate. I never felt like investigating why it was happening.

    That is an opinion. I would much prefer a singe cable than two cables as would many others.
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    I have never experienced an issue with charging (using an official Apple brick, Apple cable, and extension...). Not saying it can't happen, but I've never seen it. I HAVE had issues charging with aftermarket "long" dock/sync cables (as many have).

    And no, it's not "two cables" if you connect them... the fact that you can seperate them doesn't make it worse. By that logic, since I can take scissors to my one cable and cut it in 2, it's somehow "not as good".

    You aren't toting 2 cables, you are toting one. It just happens to be joined at the usb port. Not sure why that's such an issue...

    And the advantage is, if I DO want a shorter cable (and have one connected to an extension for example) I don't have to go running for a new cable from somewhere, I simply DISCONNECT it and VOILA, shorter cable.

    It's better in almost every respect.

    Until Apple releases an "official" longer cable, a longer "aftermarket" cable isn't any better than an extension. Many would argue it's worse (and less functional).
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    It is two cables that are connected. Myself as well as many others would rather have a single cable rather than two cables that are joined together with a USB type-A plug. You may not care but lots of people do. I do not consider a USB extension cable to be a better option.
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    No problem.
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    MOMN = milk out my nose (as in "laughed so hard...").
    That last exchange deserved more than an LOL.

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    Ahh, I see. :D

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