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Look Familiar??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by djbahdow01, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Looks pretty good, but a bit bulky.
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    a bit bulky, but not too much bigger than the ipod. that said, i doubt it's hd space or battery is comparable to the ipod, which will obviously displease people who buy it.

    apple looks at usabability, while everyone else looks at features and things that will make people want to buy it, but not use it.
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    Didn't Apple patent, or try to, using a touch wheel on portable media devices? Not that it matters, I think that it's just too big to be of much competition to the iPod. I think it's even bigger than a PSP, which is pretty big itself.
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    cant compete

    Yeah I dont like it at all...you just cant compete with apple's design!
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    I'd rather tote a boombox around. Seriously.
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    Oh come on it's not that bad.

    It's nice that it's got those ports on however - it would be great to have removable media, FM built in (rather than a money spinning add on) nice widescreen display...

    I like it!!
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    I think it has a nice screen and its a nice device but i wouldn't buy it. The chick says it is slow so thats a downer for me.

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    I vote this for the funniest post of the day.
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    I wonder what we would be saying if it was white and had an Apple logo on it......:eek:
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    ah, I find it annoying that people have to compare everything to an ipod. I mean, sure it has set the standard for mp3 players, but I think that there are a lot of other useful features incorporated in other brand players. I love my ipod as much as the next guy, but has our prolonged use of ipods brainwashed us to the point where we don't even consider any other alternatives. There is a world of technology out there. It's not all self contained within our ipods.
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    Well, if it did, then it would look better, although there is some promise with this device.

    edit: it's kind of like that 2003/4 mockup of a wireless iPod video with the touchwheel on the left and icons on the screen. I did, however, like the mockup better. If someone still has that link, would you post it please? Thanks.
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    I wouldn't describe that as sexy, but this being CNET, I'm not surprised.
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