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Look What I Just Got! Yea Ha!!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Hockey Nut, Mar 25, 2003.

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    Got all of my "stuff" today. The guys at General Cybernetics came through big time.

    Now I have to get it all set up. I've never used OSX before, but I think I'll get through it. Also have to hook all of the airport stuff. I'll need help from you folks I'm sure, so if you see my tag, please respond.

    I've got a hockey game tonight (Over 40 league), so I'm going to have to walk away for a couple hours this evening.

    My kids are going to be itching, so I better get going.

    Looks like I'll be up late tonight!!!
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    Hey, just give us a list of all the goodies! If you're gonna "Yee Hah", and want us to "Yee Hah" with you, we gotta know about the loot!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Congrats - so let us know what you got.

    And I'm thinking the guy over at GeneralCybernetics would be Backtothemac?

    D :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice! That a 20" LCD? Very jealous......hope you have a great deal of fun with those systems.

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    Doctor Q

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    Re: Look What I Just Got! Yea Ha!!!!

    Looks like you have a Cinema Display too. Nice choices!

    Welcome to MacRumors, Hockey Nut. You didn't fill in Interests field on your profile page, so I guess we'll have to take a wild guess what your hobby is. ;)

    It shouldn't take much to set up your new equipment, especially since you are already a Mac user -- unless of course your kids insist on "helping"! If you have any trouble, we're all here ready to help.
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    Oh my sweet god. That is so incredibly badass! I think I need to go change my underpants now...

    On a lighter note, I WANT TO BE YOU!!! :)
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    Yea, that's the 20". How the h*** could I forget to mention a $1300 display. Actually I bought a package, which saved me about $800 for the whole thing. The ram upgrades are on their way.
    I just installed the Airport extreme cards, even though the instructions from Apples website are wrong!!

    Long live Apple!
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    I wish I had all that, I would not leave the house for a week!
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    Lucky Lucky Lucky
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    I don't think I would leave period...
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    I'm writing this on my new 1.25, 20" yippie!!! yippie!!!!

    Couldn't get the Airport to work. The manual didn't say I had to install the software. I figured it out.

    Now to get the PB up and running for my daughter. She's acting like a kid right before opening presents at Christmas.

    I can't believe how fast this thing is, and I have 1.5 G more ram coming!

    I'd skip the hockey game tonight, but we're in the playoffs. Darn!
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    That's just BAD A$$ dude...

    Very, VERY cool. I'm green with envy.
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    Looks like you've got some awesome equipment! You are very lucky! :D
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    I think everyone can join me in saying "Congratulations, you S.O.B." ;)

    Just kidding - Very happy for you. Welcome to Mac OS X and the Mac Rumors forum. Now join us in FOLDING! :)

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    USE 'EM. USE 'EM WELL. I know a guy who got a PM dual 1.0 GHZ completely maxed when they first came out w/ 2 15" lcd's, fcp, dvd studio pro, lightwave, etc,etc as well as a 15" PB, airport and all that. He's barely touched it. I've worked with him on some filming projects and talked up Apple to him and he plans on using it, I think he may just be a little nervous of all that power;) :) I'm trying to convince him to give me some of the gear; I'd use 'em.:D

    And, oh yeah, GO WINGS!!!!
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    I'm going to use them. My wife may kill me, but I'm going to use them.
    It's a little overwelming, but it's fun.

    Had a problem installing the airport card in the G3 imac. There is supposed to be a holder for the card to slide in the plastic holders. Anyone know where I get one of these. I don't see where the pins would plug in either.

    Airport extreme is working like a champ for the PM and PB.

    This is sweet!

    (Wings are up 4-0 in the 3rd period. My team won tonight. Now all we need is for the Hockey Gods to help us tomorrow night, and we're in the championship)
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    Drools over keyboard, can I be your daughter??
    Lucky!! Plz tell all you can about your 12in PB, I hope to get one as well. Sweet Setup!!
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    I haven't used the PB much yet. got the airport set up, all the admin. and had to go to my game. It's still charging, it's been almost 6 hours. Apple says to charge all the way, let it fully drain, and then you can charge as you see fit. The screen is small, but it's a neat little machine. maybe it just sems small because I'm looking at this 20" monster.

    What resolution should I have 20" set to. It fired up at 1680 x 1050. Fonts sure seem small, but I can view 2 web pages at the same time. :)
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    i cant believe your daughter got a POWERBOOK :D damn, now thats how every kid should live :D you got such an incredible set up. when i saw that picture my eyes opened wide :eek:
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    congratulations...(macs AND hockey? hell yeah!)

    can't wait to get my daughter a portable (she loves my 15"). let us know what she thinks of her's.


    the lcd should be set to the native resolution on start up. keep it there, it well look the best -- you can adjust the text diplay prefereces later.


    nice setup man. very cool...

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    Uh oh, the wife made a list of things she wants done in the house for a payback. i think I'll have to redo the kitchen. Got to keep the little lady happy.

    But it will take away from my computer time, D***.

    Anyone who has been whining about the noise of the PM is nuts. i can barely hear mine. Very quiet.
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    If you just happen to not need that powerbook, I will take it! The 20"er too!

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