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Looking for a 12" iBook for the girl

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by BiikeMike, Nov 30, 2005.

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    My girlfriends really wants a little baby laptop, and she seems to like my 15"PB and my moms 12"iBook. Right now she has my old 15.1" Dell, and its just too big and heavy.

    Honestly, all she does on a computer is word processing and internet/email. I'm looking for a 12"ibook (or Pbook is the price is right) but don't want to get a new one, because really, she doesn't need it. Are they any good refurb sites or places to get a used one besides Ebay? Thanks :)
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    Apple.com under the refurb section , depending where you are US/UK or elsewhere you can grab a right bargain and it will come with a apple warranty for 12 months too

    can't be bad;)
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    Thanks, I checked there, and they have all new stuff. She doesnt need one of the newest best computers (eventhough thats what I would like to get her), so I'm looking in the sub $500 rage. A G3 Pbook or iBook is plenty for what she is going to be doing
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    Wait a couple days; Apple continually renews its stock of refurb 12" iBooks.

    The 1.2 GHz/512 MB RAM/30 GB HD/AirPort Extreme model, when they have it, sells for $719 with the standard 1 year warranty.

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