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Looking for a bag that does not break the bank

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by gus6464, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Anyone have any suggestions on an ipad bag that is not too big and will hold:

    iPad 2 inside Treegloo case
    Apple wireless keyboard
    Sprint Overdrive Pro
    misc cables
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    You shouldn't be in Apple Land if you cannot afford expensive things. Apple takes pride in their premium pricing and they need the money. :)
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    As far as not breaking the bank I was thinking of something in the $50 range.
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    If you live near an REI - the classic small messenger bag from timbuk 2 seems to fit the bill. In the gray/gray combination that's linked the price is $49.83. I picked one up over the weekend and am not completely sold on the color but it is definitely the cheapest/good quality bag i could find.

    Use the find in store feature to save yourself some $$ on shipping!

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    Chip NoVaMac

    Might be a decent choice... but might be a tight fit if the Scout DP-0966 that I got today is any indication. Depends on how stuffed you want the bag to be. With my iPad 2 with the Smart Cover, the iPad 2 fits nicely in the area for the iPad. Have to see about getting my iPad 1 back with the Apple Case to see if it might be a wee tight...

    Have to play around with it some for a better review... but like it so far for what I was thinking of for a vertical iPad bag did not break the bank. I really wanted a Muzetto - but the cost mainly, and the lead time kept me away.

    I scored mine on Amazon for $35 + $9 shipping... I had wanted a black one, but went with the olive for cost and that I could have it this week. Ordered it on the 4th and got it today via Gizmosforlife on Amazon.

    The Scout XS/iPad sized bags seem to hard to find right now... The link that I bought mine from is showing $50 to $55 right now. :( Will have to test things out when I have time in the next week or so and see if it meets the needs of the OP, like Clixpix review of the Muzetto so long ago..
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    +1 Timbuk2
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Good choice if size matters.. but the iPad demands less bulk IMO...
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    Chip NoVaMac

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    To be honest I find paying $50 or more for a "bag" for the iPad pretty absurd. I found a very nice Targus brand bag labeled "Made for iPad" for only $25 at Walmart. It fits the iPad 2 perfectly and there's plenty of room for a MiFi/Overdrive/etc and some cables and other stuff.
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    I almost got this for my 13" Vaio but went with a Targus instead for some reason. Either way, I'm in agreement that bags that were built for 13" laptops seem a bit big for the iPad.

    I'm looking for a bag that's just a bit smaller and doesn't scream "murse". I'm hoping for a smallish classy leather messenger. Canvas is an option as well.
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    Reason I decided to try out the small case was because I wasn't sure if the x-small one would let me fit my Beyerdynamic cans for when I go on long trips with my portable headphone amp.

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